Why a Thanksgiving Wedding is an Awesome Idea

Parades, stuffing, and…a walk down the aisle? Why saying “I do” around turkey day will leave you with plenty to be thankful for!

A fall floral centerpiece

Courtesy of The Glenmar Studio

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you have a long list of blessings: a fantastic fiancé, a bridal party that does so much, and that gorgeous bling on your finger! While you may be eyeing a warm and sunny summer day for your ceremony and reception, you might want to consider celebrating with a bit of Turkey Day flair. Here are just a few reasons why a Thanksgiving wedding is an awesome idea!

Venues may be a little cheaper
Late spring, summer, and early fall are super popular times to get married, which means if you choose a date during those seasons, you’ll most likely be paying top dollar at any venue you choose. Since the winter months tend to be a bit slower, many venues will lower their price-per-person. And since holiday dates tend to be even slower, you may find you can get a great deal by selecting a certain date. If your dream venue is just slightly out of your price range, ask about pricing around Thanksgiving. You may find that dream venue is in your budget after all!

Everyone is already in town…
Thanksgiving is all about family time, which means your friends and loved ones that moved to other parts of the country will most likely be headed home for a few days. Since everyone is already in town, consider throwing your wedding celebration while they’re around! You’ll save your guests an extra plane trip or car ride (along with ticket fare and gas costs).

…and may welcome a break
You get it – after days and days of family time, you always jump at the opportunity to spend an evening out with a few friends. If your best pals have a wedding in their calendar, you’ll give them a fun event to look forward to (along with a reason to change out of sweatpants and leave their childhood bedrooms for a night).

Beautiful color and decor options
There’s a reason everyone flocks to New England for the changing of the leaves – the colors of fall are absolutely stunning. Imagine that gorgeous palate in your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and ceremony arch – the possibilities are endless! With a Thanksgiving wedding, you can use those deep and romantic seasonal colors in every aspect of your day.

(Usually) No weather woes
In the winter you risk snow storms, in the spring you risk a lot of rain, and in the summer you risk heat waves and maybe even a hurricane or two. But generally, the weather around Thanksgiving is pretty mild. Sure, it may be a bit on the chilly side, but think of that beautiful faux fur shawl you could wear for your pictures! That’s not to say you’re guaranteed a flawless late fall day – we all know the weather can’t be controlled. But historically, Thanksgiving isn’t a day that sees extreme conditions every year.

There are a ton of positives to throwing a Thanksgiving-themed affair, but as with most things wedding related, there are some aspects you’ll need to take into consideration.

You may get a lot of declines
Remember that thing about family time? Your guests might feel obligated to spend the entire holiday weekend with their relatives (especially since most of us only have a few days off from work). Many families may even plan group trips or large get togethers, especially since COVID made that nearly impossible for awhile. And if you have a few friends that aren’t originally from Long Island, a Thanksgiving wedding would mean asking them to stay local and miss the holiday with their families – something that a lot of people aren’t willing to do.

Expensive (and aggravating) travel
For your friends and family that live in different states (and who don’t usually make it back to the Island for Turkey Day), a Thanksgiving wedding would require a much costlier plane ticket in order to attend. Even if they live within driving distance – you’ve seen the Southern State Parkway. It’s not great on a regular day. Imagine it Thanksgiving weekend, when EVERYONE is on the road.

It’s a holiday for your vendors, too
It takes a lot of people to pull off a wedding – from the venue staff, to the hair and makeup artists, to the DJs, to the photographers. Your vendors all have family too, and would most likely want to take time off to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course they have the choice whether to book a holiday weekend or not, but you might discover it’s harder to find and book certain vendors for a wedding around Thanksgiving.

Anniversaries may be hard to celebrate
You can’t wait to celebrate your first anniversary with a romantic dinner or maybe even a staycation. But with a date on or around Thanksgiving, you may find most of your favorite restaurants are closed and a lot of hotels are booked or super pricey.