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“It’s more than just putting some lipstick on:” With a Sole Focus on You and Your Day, Genie Artistry Brings All Your Bridal Visions to Life

Jeanine LeClair and the passionate artists of Genie Artistry value connection, communication, and inclusivity.

Image courtesy of Genie Artistry

Every bride wants to look their best on the big day, but the idea of “best” is beautifully different for everyone that walks down the aisle. Some want a look that’s big and bold, some want sleek and elegant, and others want just a little bit of glam to highlight their gorgeous features. 

It’s a fact that Jeanine LeClair, owner and lead artist of Genie Artistry (a BOLI Preferred Vendor) understands explicitly. Armed with a vast knowledge of not only makeup and hair but also lighting and photography techniques, she honors the importance of communication in creating every bride’s ideal wedding day style. 

Image by Photos by Siobhan, courtesy of Genie Artistry

“There’s really nothing like it.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

Jeanine’s expertise comes from over a decade of learning. “I’ve worked in almost every area of my field for the past 12 years,” she said. “I started working in salons, then I went into retail cosmetics. I even dabbled in production and editorial styling.”

Soon she discovered a specific calling. “Eventually, I fell in love with bridal events. I love being a part of someone’s special day and bringing their bridal vision to life. There’s really nothing like it.”

After working under other bridal hair and makeup artists, she decided it was time to strike out on her own. “The desire to have more of a connection with my clients and do things my way pushed me to finally become a business owner.” 

Image by Photos by Siobhan, courtesy of Genie Artistry

“It’s about making one look and feel their very best, inside and out.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

Jeanine and the Genie Artistry team pride themselves on listening to every client, and crafting hair and makeup that matches exactly what they envision. “We add the perfect amount of glam based on a client’s individual style and comfort level,” she described. “It can be changed and tweaked to fit everyone’s needs. It’s about making one look and feel their very best, inside and out.”

In order to perfectly execute each bride’s desired look, Genie Artistry books only one wedding per day for their team members. “Weddings are a big deal, they take a lot of work,” Jeanine explained. “We want to give our clients the absolute best service and our undivided attention. We can’t do that when we’re getting distracted by our next job.”

Image courtesy of Genie Artistry

“Makeup and hair can change so much when you’re looking through a lens.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

While you’ll want your wedding day glam to be flawless in real time, it’s also vital to consider a few other factors. “It’s important to know how your hair and makeup is going to last throughout the day, and how it’s going to photograph,” Jeanine emphasized. “You need to know what products are going to work, and how to manipulate shade and light.”

In order to expand her skillset, Jeanine began working with boudoir photographer and fellow BOLI Preferred Vendor Seaweed and Diamonds. “I started doing makeup for Samantha’s shoots, and she started to teach me about the camera. I’ve actually gotten to take some pictures. Makeup and hair can change so much when you’re looking through a lens. So when I’m working on a bride, I’ll pull the photographer aside and say ‘let’s get a test shot before you start, just to make sure that everything looks exactly the way that we want it to.’”

Image by Seaweed and Diamonds, courtesy of Genie Artistry

 “I wanted to be able to cater to everyone.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

As a former bride herself, Jeanine recognizes the kind of stress that a non-responsive hair and makeup artist can cause. “I know there’s nothing that will send a bride over the edge faster than a vendor they can’t get in touch with,” she sympathized. “I really try to make myself available from the very first inquiry to the last dance, and then beyond that. I love having a connection with a client that lasts.” 

Also crucial to the Genie Artistry brand? Inclusivity. “Nothing broke my heart more than when I’d go to a wedding and see a bridesmaid who had a separate artist for themselves,” Jeanine recalled. “I wanted to be able to cater to everyone – that was a big thing for me. Every person that I have on my team has worked with me for a long time. They’re trusted, talented, trained, and very confident working on clients of all ages, races, and identities. We’re constantly working on our skills and making sure that we can service everyone” 

Image by Photos by Siobhan, courtesy of Genie Artistry

“I’m there to do anything I can to make things just a little bit better.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

When asked about a favorite wedding memory, Jeanine began to chuckle. “I have a few, but one from this year really sticks out.”

She continued by recounting the story of a mother-of-the-bride who worried about a wardrobe conundrum. “She was so stressed out about boob tape,” Jeanine remembered. “And I said that it’s a topic of conversation at every wedding, how you’re going to do the boob tape and fit into the dress. The mother said ‘oh, you know how to do boob tape? Will you come back to my house and help?’ At first I thought she was joking, but no. So I went back to their house and helped the bride into her boob tape. And the mother was so thankful, she even said ‘you’re coming to Thanksgiving, right?’”

“They were so appreciative of that little gesture that took maybe 20 minutes. So it’s not just about doing makeup or hair. It’s definitely more than just putting some lipstick on. I’m there to do anything I can to make things just a little bit better.” 

Image by DiLauro Studios, courtesy of Genie Artistry

“Don’t let anybody get into your head.” – Jeanine LeClair, Genie Artistry

As you prepare to take your own walk down the aisle, take Jeanine’s key words of advice to heart. “Do whatever you want to do,” she offered. “Don’t let anybody get into your head. Don’t worry about what other people want, or about pleasing one person or another person. It’s about you marrying the love of your life.”

She also advised being prepared for the inevitable. “Something’s going to go wrong. It may be small, it may be bigger. But nobody’s going to know except you. So don’t let it get to you. Just enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for because in the end, you’re not going to remember that little detail.”

Image courtesy of Genie Artistry