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Tino Photography Brings a Wealth of Unique Experience to your Wedding Day

Tino Sicha and the team at Tino Photography value diversity, efficiency, and artistry to create stunning imagery of your “best day ever.” 

Image courtesy of Tino Photography

Any bride-to-be longs to find vendors who are truly passionate about their work, who consider each wedding they’ve booked as an opportunity to create beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

No one better exemplifies that passion than Tino Sicha of Tino Photography.

Photo courtesy of Tino Photography

“I began to play with the camera.” – Tino Photography

Surprisingly, Tino’s career beginnings didn’t take place behind a lens. “I was actually working for a US Senator in New York City, but once I began working, I realized that I didn’t like it. So instead I began to play with the camera. And through that process I discovered my passion for photography.”

After shooting his first wedding in 2011, Tino began to expand his professional horizons. “I used to shoot maybe 15 or 20 weddings a year,” he estimated. “Now we shoot 180, 200 weddings a year.” 

Just as Tino Photography was growing exponentially, Tino met an invaluable member of his team – his future wife, Ericka. Marrying (literally!) his photography knowledge with her 15+ years as a bridal consultant, Tino and Ericka have an invaluable understanding of what makes each couple special, and know exactly how to capture that essence on camera.

Image courtesy of Tino Photography

“You want to recreate a moment.” – Tino Photography

Every wedding photographer has their own style, and Tino describes his as both editorial and documentarian. “With editorial style, you want to recreate a moment,” Tino explained. “But we choose the location, we choose the lighting, we choose the background, we choose what to do.”

Once the party starts, Tino steps back from the action while staying present and focused. “We basically document what happens without interfering,” he described. His speed and efficiency help him catch each intimate detail without drawing out the process. “I’m a very fast photographer. Once the opportunity comes to take pictures, we want to get it done.”

Image courtesy of Tino Photography

“I’ve done everything and because of that, I’ve experienced different things.” – Tino Photography

For a wedding professional with over a decade under his belt, it’s difficult for Tino to pick a single favorite memory. “I’ve done Nigerian weddings, Russians, Japanese, Chinese weddings, anything you can think of. The Greek weddings I’ve done have been very different from the way Nigerians celebrate, and so on. I’ve done everything, and because of that, I’ve experienced different things.”

Image courtesy of Tino Photography

“What can I do to still get beautiful results?” – Tino Photography

A challenge early in Tino’s photography career provided a realization, and helped him to develop a motto he still uses to this day.

“One day I was doing a wedding, and it started raining,” Tino remembered. “I ran under the roof and sat down on top of my equipment. But then I heard someone in the background say, ‘where is the photographer?’”

“That was a wake-up call for me. Yes it’s raining but I still have to work. So now, every single time I have a challenging situation, I ask myself ‘what can I do to still get beautiful results?’”

Image courtesy of Tino Photography