Proposals & I Dos

On One Knee: Painting a Happy Future

In Brides of Long Island’s monthly “On One Knee” series, we share the moment where it all begins – the proposal! This month, BOLI Cassandra Monches describes a paint night that turned into a beautiful beginning.

On June 27, 2019 BOLI Cassandra Monches joined her boyfriend Gary and their friends for a creatively inspired night. Little did she know, but Cassandra would soon be painting a picture she’d never forget!

***A couple smiling at the camera with two paintings in their hands. In his, a sunset with the words "she said yes." In hers, a sunset with the words "I said yes."

“My now-husband asked if I wanted to go do a paint night in honor of his late mother’s birthday. We asked a few people to come with us, and apparently they all knew what was going to happen that night.

So we start painting and it seemed like a normal night out. At the intermission, everyone got up to stretch their legs, and my one friend called me over to look at a painting on the wall. After looking at the photo I turned around –  and there he is, down on one knee!

I completely bawled my eyes out! After saying yes, the employees came over with champagne –  he had even told them of his plans when we first got there.

He chose that night to do it in honor of his mom, who I never got to meet. But I’m sure she was smiling down on him that day.

Even the universe knew what was going to happen, because my coworkers and I had heard numerous songs on the radio that day talking about marriage. I remember making a comment the next day on how I should have been clued in!”


The final stroke of Cassandra’s brush came on December 6, 2020 when she and Gary tied the knot. They’re now sharing a happy life together, complete with their priceless wall art!