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“It’s like a homecoming for me.” Life Art Photographers Celebrates a New Partnership While Honoring Their Roots

As East Wind’s newest in-house vendor, Life Art Photographers’ Anthony Jinete returns to one of his favorite – and one of his first – wedding venues.

A groom dips and kisses a bride in a vinyard - Life Art Photographers

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers

Every vendor on your wedding day team has an important role to play – from the DJs who make sure the party never stops, to the makeup artists who create that perfect soft glam look, to the day-of coordinators who keep everything running smoothly.

But of all the important professionals you’ll hire, your photographer tops the list – they’re responsible for catching every beautiful moment, from the intimate to the grandiose, so you can remember your day for a lifetime.

It’s a job that Anthony Jinete, owner of Life Art Photographers (a BOLI preferred vendor), takes seriously. And as grateful as he is for the countless number of couples who’ve entrusted him with their weddings, he’s equally as grateful to the venues that opened their doors when he first formed his own studio.

“I think it’s time for me to start doing my own thing.” – Life Art Photographers

For Jinete, a passion for pictures started twenty five years ago. “I was doing street photography,” he remembers. “Just capturing all the funky stuff that happens in the city at night. Playing around with different films and exposures.”

His artistry grew – first into portrait work, and then into wedding photography. “I worked for another studio for about 15 years,” he says. Eventually, Jinete decided to branch out on his own. “Once my family started growing, I got to the point where I said ‘hey, I think it’s time for me to start doing my own thing.’” He formed Life Art Photographers in 2010, and never looked back.

A bride and groom smile by the waterfront - Life Art Photographers

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers

“I needed to make a name for myself all over again.” – Life Art Photographers

Jinete had the talent, skills, and experience to lead a successful studio, but knew that rebuilding from the ground up would take some time. “I needed to make a name for myself all over again,” he recalls. “Even though I had all this knowledge and all of these connections and everything, I couldn’t just come flying out of the box and have business.”

Fortunately, two established Long Island wedding venues (and fellow BOLI preferred vendors) welcomed the newly-formed Life Art Photographers with open arms: Giorgio’s Baiting Hollow and Sunset Harbour. Jinete credits the two respected companies for getting him off the ground running.

A bridal party inside of a carousel looking at a bride and groom kissing - Life Art Photographers

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers

“I’ve come back full circle.” – Life Art Photographers

In addition to Giorgio’s Baiting Hollow and Sunset Harbour, Jinete also formed an early (and important) relationship with another stunning Long Island venue. “East Wind was my start,” he says. “That was one of the first places I ever shot a wedding.”

And as of this month, East Wind (also a BOLI preferred vendor) and Life Art Photographers have a reason to celebrate – “now that I’m at the top of my game, I’ve got the opportunity to be one of East Wind’s exclusive photographers,” Jinete announces. “I had my start there, and it’s like a homecoming for me.”

For Jinete, seeing East Wind evolve has been exciting. “I’ve watched them grow from a cottage into the mammoth that they are now,” he observes. “I love that they have these endless grounds. I love that they have such welcoming staff. But really, they just take care of their people. They want to make sure that everybody feels welcome there.”

Life Art’s new position with East Wind marks an incredibly happy return for Jinete. “I’ve come back full circle.”

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Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers

“We are complete chameleons.” – Life Art Photographers

When choosing your photographer, it’s important to consider their style – both in the pictures they take, and in the way that they take them. “We are complete chameleons,” describes Jinete. “We go there with you. If you want to go wild at your wedding, we’re going wild with you. If you want to be a little more laid back, we’ll lay back with you.”

This incredible versatility extends into Life Art’s resulting work. “I am a bit of a journalistic photographer, but I also like to say that my style is traditional with a modern flair,” Jinete explains. “I’m very big on making sure that everyone in the family and all the important players are captured, so that you can look back and say ‘hey, there’s my aunt, there’s my uncle.’”

Ultimately, Jinete understands that it takes a delicate balance to produce beautiful and memorable work.

As weird as it sounds, it’s like we’re combining science, technology, and art into one thing.”

A bride with her hands on a detailed gate, with her bouquet in the foreground - Life Art Photographers

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers

“There is no turning back on what I promised you.” – Life Art Photographers

Jinete has some wise words of advice for brides on the vendor search. “Do your homework,” he says. “Shop around. And once you settle on something you like, go with it. Do your homework, but then don’t turn back. Enjoy your wedding, be at your wedding, and don’t worry about what your vendors are doing. If you’ve done your homework, you can let your guard down.”

Wedding photography is a huge investment – financially and otherwise – and Jinete fully realizes the weight behind a couple’s decision. “When you hire a photographer, you’re spending the same amount of money as you would on a used car, and I don’t take that lightly,” he remarks. “I take it all very seriously. I am honored to do your work because there are a million people out there that you could have chosen.”

With an impressive career that spans decades, you can trust that Jinete is not only a talented photographer, but also a man of his word. “When you shake my hand, it’s 100% done. There’s no turning back on what I promised you.”

Of course, Jinete recognizes that he can’t do it all alone. “My business partner and beautiful wife, Jennifer Jinete, manages all of our customer service and scheduling,” he says. “Without her, none of this is possible!”

A bride and groom kissing among flowers - Life Art Photographers

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers