I Canceled a Vendor and It Was the Best Decision for Me

BOLIs talk about why they canceled one of their vendors and how it worked out!

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Whether a certain vendor was your first, second or third choice, for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to feel right. You know deep down something is off, and you have that nagging feeling that if you went in a different direction, it might be better. So, you do it! You cancel on your vendor. And guess what? That could end up being the best decision you make during the wedding planning process.

We spoke with several Brides of Long Island about how they canceled one of their vendors and why it was the best decision for them.

Christina C. says she canceled her photo booth. “I had a fishing feeling and then was seeing bad reviews. I knew better than to go against my gut.” And that’s what’s important. Call it intuition. Call it a gut feeling. Whatever you call it, it’s important to listen to it!

Kelly B. says she actually canceled her venue! The first venue she booked was taken over by new owners. “We didn’t trust the new people to be able to perform a wedding to the same standards as the previous owners,” she says.

Sometimes, you cancel because you actually have a bad experience. Cristina Elizabeth says she actually canceled her florist after her sister’s wedding. “Her sweetheart table was a disaster, and her centerpieces were falling apart,” she says. “And the ‘anniversary bouquet’ was atrocious.” If you, a friend or loved one has a bad experience with a vendor that you’ve already booked, it could be a sign to cancel and start looking for a new vendor.

Katie O. also knew from experience. “I canceled my photographer after receiving horrible engagement photos!” she says. “I knew I would have hated all of my wedding photos if I stayed with them and the photographer assigned to me.” The last thing you need during wedding planning is more stress, worrying about what will happen with vendors on the big day.

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Marie H. says she canceled her photographer due to mixed reviews. She says she got nervous and her gut told her to go with another photographer. The new photographer she booked was a blessing in disguise. “They worked with me and my future husband to make sure the timeline was perfect. And the photos were beautiful. It truly was the best decision I made during wedding planning.”

Ultimately, all of the BOLIs we spoke with say to go with your gut. If something deep down is telling you it’s not right, it probably isn’t. And that’s OK. It’s OK to change your mind for whatever the reason. Just remember to check all of your contracts before you cancel on a vendor – this way you know what you’re entitled to regarding a refund on any deposits. Also, it’s important to remember if you plan to cancel on a vendor, do your research before you book another one.

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As with all of your planning, check out other brides’ reviews on our Facebook page, and go into each vendor meeting with questions to ease your mind. Want to know what kind of questions to ask? Check out the following resources from our BOLI blog:

Lastly, remember that Brides of Long Island has some amazing preferred vendors that treat all of their brides wonderfully. You will always be in good hands with a BOLI preferred vendor.

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