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From Wedding Cakes to Doughnut Walls, Campbell’s Bakery Satisfies Every Sweet Tooth

For almost 20 years, the bakers at Campbell’s have been helping brides create dream wedding cakes.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

If you’re looking for an amazing wedding cake, Campbell’s Bakery in Brentwood can satisfy your every need. With a team of 12-15 workers dedicated to making delicious and beautiful wedding cakes, Campbell’s is always up for the challenge to make your dream wedding cake vision a reality.

A Staple of Long Island

Campbell’s Bakery has been a staple on Long Island for over 60 years. And current owners Gregory Napolitano and Daniel Clarry took over the bakery in 1989. According to Greg, Campbell’s started getting big into the wedding cake business over 15 years ago. A catering hall had reached out to Greg and asked if they were interested in doing wedding cakes. Greg says after that success, he called other venues across Long Island. “We’ve gone from making two-four wedding cakes a week to about 35-45, at the height of the season, at week,” says Greg. Currently, Campbell’s deals with eight or nine top-notch catering halls on Long Island. “We take care of most of all of the Lessing’s properties, East Wind and Giorgio’s,” says Greg. “I’m proud to say how far we’ve come in 31 years. It’s absolutely amazing.”

But you don’t just have to hold your wedding at one of their venues to taste their amazing cakes! Campbell’s works with all brides to create the perfect, most delicious cakes and desserts for their weddings. According to Greg, since COVID-19, they do a lot of backyard weddings as well. Campbell’s accepts all walk-ins and works hard to accommodate all requests. “It’s a very busy retail shop besides the catering halls that we take care of,” says Greg.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

Tastings at Home

You’re probably wondering how you can taste these delicious cakes before your wedding. According to Angela Perrone, who handles Campbell’s social media and works with brides and couples, they’ve changed the way they offer cake tastings. “We came up with cake tasting boxes that couples can take home and try, so they’re not bombarded with people in the store,” says Angela. Email is the best way to contact Angela, or her co-workers Dana and Emma. Once you reach out to Campbells, they can explain what their packages offer, including what is included with your catering hall if you’re booked at one of their venues. Angela also says that brides can check out their website or social media to see previous cake designs.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

The List Is Endless

When it comes to the type of wedding cake or desserts you want, Campbell’s really has it all. “It’s a mix and match, sometimes. Half a wedding cake with red velvet, half carrot cake [or half] brownie cake and cheesecake. It’s amazing what couples come up with. The list is endless,” says Greg.

When you order a wedding cake at Campbell’s, you get your choice of a standard four-tier cake with whipped cream or butter cream, butter cream roses and your choice of many flavors and fillings. You can upgrade any cake to include fondant, fresh flowers or any other types of cakes. “We try and satisfy everyone. We’re in everyone’s budget,” says Greg. And delivery is included if your cake is going to a venue. If it’s off premise or to a home, there is a small fee. Greg adds that all cakes are made the morning of your wedding so they are fresh and delicious.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

Angela says one of the most popular wedding cakes is chocolate cake with cannoli filling. She adds that red velvet is also very popular. And when it comes to their favorite cakes to create, Greg says he really likes a theme cake. “We’ve done this one cake, I don’t know how many times, half the cake would look like a white traditional wedding cake and the other half of the cake would be like a superhero’s theme on each tier.” According to Greg, Campbell’s never shies away from a challenge! In fact, Campbell’s bakers have made a 10-tier cakes!

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

More Than Just Cake

Campbell’s doesn’t stop at wedding cakes though! They offer a beautiful Viennese hour – complete with Italian pastries, cookies, Viennese cakes, cheesecakes, truffles, mini-flans, chocolate-covered fruit and more. “Basically, there’s nothing we can’t do,” says Greg. “We take care of whatever couples like.”

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

If a traditional wedding cake isn’t your thing, you can get a cupcake wedding cake from Campbell’s. Or maybe you want some brownies or a doughnut wall? How about a naked wedding cake? “That’s a real big seller, and it’s so simple,” says Greg.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

If you want some cakes on the side or a groom’s cake, Campbell’s offers a ‘dynamite cheesecake,’ says Greg. They create their own ice cream cakes made with Hershey’s ice cream. But what they are really known for is their tres leche cake.

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

Pick What You Really Like

When it comes time to choose your cake, Angela suggests you go with what you really like yourself, something that you and your groom will enjoy. “I think a lot of brides think about what other people will want. And I think that’s a good idea, but I think you should really just go with the flavors you really like, because usually that ends up being the best,” says Angela. She adds that with all of the stress of wedding planning, know that it’s just a cake! “You’re going to enjoy your wedding no matter what,” she says. “Just know that it’s going to come out beautiful no matter what.”

Angela says you will want to give yourself at least one to two months before your wedding to order your cake, so you’re not rushing at the last minute. But she adds that Campbell’s can accommodate a wedding cake order a week or two before the wedding.

And Greg’s advice for all his brides? “Don’t forget to have a piece! Don’t be too busy not to have a piece of cake!”

(Courtesy of Campbell’s Bakery)

Campbell’s Bakery is located in Brentwood and open 365 days a year.