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“Every Wedding Is Special.” Dr. Beat Productions Creates the Perfect Dance Floor Every Time

Mike Grosso and the team at Dr. Beat Productions work hard to make sure your wedding is spectacular.

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From a single operation company in the late 80s to a current eight teams of DJS and MCs, Dr. Beat Productions, a Brides of Long Island Preferred Vendor, has certainly expanded and grown over the last 30 years. But the things that have remained the same, according to owner Mike Grosso, are exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and the ability to create perfect dance floors at every wedding.

Visions Into Reality

When meeting with Dr. Beat Productions, you’ll soon realize that you’re in great hands. They take the time to listen to the needs of their brides and really explain what they have to offer. They want to know everything about you so that they can create the best day ever. “My go-to operation is taking the visions that my clients have for their events and making that a reality,” says Grosso. He says Dr. Beat Productions will take all of your needs and wants, sprinkle their magic on it, and make your wedding special. And at the same time, Grosso says, “make it as flawless and seamless to them as possible.” This means he’s going to pick your brain and ask all of the right questions during all of your meetings leading up to your wedding, so that everything is perfect. “I don’t want them to have to be concerned with anything. And [I want] everyone to go home with a smile on their face.”

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Anything You Want

When it comes to a certain style, Grosso says Dr. Beat Productions can be anything you want! “If you want your wedding to be a New York City nightclub, we’ll make it a New York City nightclub. If you want a Gatsby wedding, some high-hat, black-tie setup, then we’re going to do that,” he says. Dr. Beat Productions can adapt to any situation because of their flexibility, professionalism and experience, says Grosso.

But the experience doesn’t just end with the ‘atmosphere’ of the day. He has bilingual DJs and MCs on the team, making Dr. Beat a perfect choice for nearly any couple.

The planning process is important to Dr. Beat Productions. According to Grosso, he has worked with all types of brides – the ones who have their playlists planned throughout the night, and those who have no clue where to start when it comes to the music. For the couples that have everything planned out, Grosso works with them to incorporate their music with recommendations that can appeal to other guests, such as parents and grandparents. In fact, Grosso says it’s important for all brides to be mindful of their entire guestlist. “It’s about taking the time to hear what my clients have to say and what they want, and mixing that with what we do as a company and creating the perfect environment.”

And for the brides who don’t have a clue? He helps them out step by step, starting with suggestions for the ceremony and working up to the reception. In fact, there’s no problem that Grosso and the team at Dr. Beat Productions can’t solve. “When you’re able to give them a resolution quickly and throw water on their fire real fast, there’s an immediate calm.”

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Back to the Basics

Dr. Beat Productions offers an array of packages and fun things to make your wedding spectacular. From uplighting, indoor cold sparklers and dry ice first dances to Zap shots, photo booths and more, Dr. Beat has it all. They also offer multiple forms of live entertainment, such as classical musicians, percussion and singers. And even if they don’t offer it, they’ll research something for you and give you recommendations. “I like to keep it as effortless as possible for them,” says Grosso.

Despite all of the extras Dr. Beat Productions has to offer, Grosso says he feels that there is a trend of going back to the basics. Perhaps it was the pandemic, or maybe just people changing their minds, but Grosso says brides aren’t really looking for many extras.

They want it clean and classy and to have a great time.”

And what about those guest requests? We all know that one guest who requests a song that just doesn’t quite fit into your playlists. How does Dr. Beat Productions handle it? With class and style, of course. According to Grosso, they will do whatever their brides want when it comes to requests. Perhaps they want requests within reason – then the Dr. Beat team is on it, politely declining anything that is over the top. Dr. Beat Productions also offers a ‘text to request’ system, which became popular during the pandemic. Grosso explains that they will put cards on tables for guests to text their requests to the DJ directly. And the guests will get quick responses back from the DJ.

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Image courtesy of Dr. Beat Productions

Keeping Guests Happy

Grosso says every wedding he has worked over the past 30 years stands out to him. “Every wedding means as much to me as the one before it and the one after it.” He explains that every wedding is special, and he just wants to make his couples and their guests happy. He truly loves what he does – to him it’s not a job. He loves DJing and being in control of the dance floor – knowing that people are hanging on for the next song. He remembers a wedding a few years ago where the couple wanted soca and dancehall reggae music. He says he put on “Heads High,” by Mr. Vegas, and “the groom’s grandmother came out on the dance floor with a walker and was rocking out. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen.” He adds that she thanked him and the MC, and said she appreciated what they were doing for her grandson and his bride. “You can’t put a price on that.”

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