From Proposal Stories and Wedding Dresses to Guest List Drama – No Topic Is Off-Limits on the BOLI Podcast!

If you are looking for more wedding advice, Heather Cunningham, along with her co-hosts Suzanne and Danielle answer all of your questions and more!

Are you looking for even more Brides of Long Island advice for the wedding of your dreams? Well, look no further than your favorite music streaming app with the new BOLI Podcast!

From proposal stories and wedding dresses to bachelorette parties and guest list drama, no topic is off-limits with the ladies who run BOLI. Owner Heather Cunningham, along with group admins Suzanne and Danielle, discuss every wedding topic you can think of – flowers, dresses, shoes, parties, showers – EVERYTHING. They let you into their own lives, drawing on personal experiences to help you plan your own dream wedding.

BOLI members can expect tips, and wedding planning advice, as well as a ton of laughs!” says Heather. 

And while wedding planning is very serious business, expect a lot of laughs, as the ladies are friends on and off the microphones. In fact, they all met through BOLI! In the very first episode, you can even learn about how Heather was on the B list for Suzanne’s wedding. (No hard feelings there, though!)

“We’re looking forward to sharing exclusive discounts and giveaways from our local vendors to our listeners,” says Heather.

Why expand into the podcast world? The Brides of Long Island is such a close-knit community. We all share advice on vendors, venues and sticky situations that only brides can experience. Heather, after being urged by a good friend, thought it was time to connect with BOLI members in a different way. After all, she gets to know everyone on Facebook every day – why not let you into her life too?

“Apparently, I have a lot to say, and a lot to share with my listeners. I am so happy to share with and help them on their wedding planning journey,” she says.

Each podcast will tackle a variety of topics, and will even feature different guests. BOLI group admins Caitlyn, Simone and Bee will join in the fun, and share their stories and advice. And your favorite wedding professional might be on too!

But don’t think that the BOLI podcast is a one-way street! Just like with the Facebook page, we want to hear from you! Heather says her favorite part of the podcast is going over anonymous questions! “So many of us have questions that we want to ask, but don’t want to be judged for it or laughed at and really just need some help with a sticky situation,” she says.

Being able to help a listener in any way I can is what I’m here for.”

So how can you get involved and get your questions answered? It’s easy! All you have to do is email them at

The BOLI podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google iHeart Radio or wherever you normally listen to them.