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At Variety Music Your Wedding Is A “Once In A Lifetime Celebration”

(Courtesy of Variety Music)

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. And for many brides, the music is the most important part of the day. The DJs at Variety Music, a Brides of Long Island preferred vendor, know that and make sure to treat your wedding like a once in a lifetime celebration. Brides of Long Island spoke with Ray of Variety Music to find out more about how they can make your wedding exciting and memorable.

A Love of Music

According to Ray, Variety Music started with a group of very talented guys with a love of music. They have 25 years of experience specializing in weddings. Over the years, Variety Music has received numerous awards. But accolades aside, Variety Music always puts the brides and grooms first. In fact, their favorite part about DJing is “seeing the bride and groom’s smiles as they are surrounded by a packed dance floor with their friends and family.”

Ray describes their DJ style as “classy and professional, yet fun and lively.” And really, what more could you ask for in a DJ and MC?

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(Courtesy of Variety Music)

Creating Your Vision

Since brides picture their wedding day for years, Variety Music is eager to work with them to bring those visions to life. They will sit down with their brides and tailor the music and entertainment to their specific needs. No matter how eclectic you think your playlist is, Ray says they will make sure to get your favorite songs in. He says if there are songs that are ‘non-danceable’, he’ll suggest to brides to play those during the cocktail hour or dinner. Or he says they have the ability to remix the songs so that you can dance to them!

The crowd should be dancing most of the time!”

At Variety Music they have a wide variety of different genres and styles, as well as ethnic and international music. They also have bilingual MCs to cater to all couples. And when it comes to guest requests, they’ll leave that decision up to the bride and groom.

When picking a DJ, Ray thinks couples should try to choose one that is well versed in all styles of music. And when it comes to planning your playlists, couples should keep in mind that there will be all age groups in attendance. This is why Ray says Variety Music will work with their brides to make sure their visions are brought to life and everyone has a great time.

(Courtesy of Variety Music)

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More Than Just Music

Variety Music offers more than just DJ and MC services. Not only do they have live musicians, string ensembles, percussionists, steel pan drummers and a Sinatra singer – they also offer photo booths, video screens, lighting and more. “All the makings of a great wedding day,” says Ray.

Ray says they love when the bride and groom play on the percussion set together. They also like when couples dance with the strolling saxophone player. The more the bride and groom interact with each other and have a great time, the more fun the guests will have.

(Courtesy of Variety Music)

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