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“It’s an Opportunity to Become Like a Part of Your Family”: At Fine Art Photography and Video, Connection is Key

Renowned Long Island mainstay Fine Art Studio brings experience, passion, and professionalism to your wedding day.

It goes without saying that every vendor you hire plays a vital role in your wedding. But once the cake has been cut, the last song has played, and the dress has been packed away, you’ll be left with one tangible reminder of that magical moment in your life – your pictures.

That’s why finding a photographer who brings skill, versatility, and empathy to the table is crucial. Fine Art Studio’s reputation for unmatched excellence precedes itself, with multi-generational ties to an almost countless number of clients – who all become like family. 

“You need to be able to adapt.” – Fine Art Photography and Video

For almost 30 years, BOLI preferred vendor Fine Art Photography and Video has been capturing the beautiful and intimate details of Long Island’s most opulent weddings. “We’ve been in business since 1985,” says Fine Art Studio’s owner. “That’s a long time, so we get a lot of recommendations. We’ll photograph a bride, and then her cousin, and then her sister.”

The owner credits Fine Art Studio’s incredible longevity to a vast amount of knowledge and boundless flexibility. “Experience is important,” he elaborated. “Not only in taking pictures, but knowing how to make an album. How to communicate with different couples and their personalities. Everyone is different, and their expectations are different. You need to be able to adapt. That’s why I think Fine Art Studio has stayed in business this long.” 


“We wouldn’t have been able to drive home if we didn’t get that picture.” – Fine Art Photography and Video

Committed to photographing your wedding in ways that tell an engaging and rich story, Fine Art Studio has amassed a talented and adept company of wedding professionals. “We have a set of four teams,” the owner explained. “There’s always a directing photographer and typically a photojournalistic photographer when we photograph an event. Between all of us, we’ve got years and years of experience.”

But what really sets Fine Art Studio apart is something that goes beyond mere ability. “Our photographers are just so nice,” raved Fine Art Studio’s owner. “They have great personalities, they’re funny, they’re detailed, they’re accommodating. The photographer will really set the tone, right from the beginning of the day. We are very good at connecting and being real with people.”

Fine Art Studio’s passion and dedication has also played a part in building their prestige. “There was a groom who had his 90 year old grandfather at his wedding,” the owner remembered. “It was important to the bride that we get a picture of the whole family with the grandfather. But he was having some trouble walking, so he had to stay in the bridal suite during most of the pictures. At the end of the night he was there, the last song had played 10 minutes before, everyone was leaving. So we gathered the whole family quickly, with the grandfather there, to get the group picture. We wouldn’t have been able to drive home that night if we didn’t get that picture.’” 

This unwavering passion and dedication is what keeps Fine Art Studio clients (along with their friends and families) coming back for decades. “The special thing about this industry is that it’s an opportunity to become like a part of your family,” said the owner. ”We’re there with you at all your happiest times. We think that’s a really special thing.”  

“We can see what a couple likes, what they want, and what they’re expecting.” – Fine Art Photography and Video

The team at Fine Art Studio recognizes that different brides will want different styles in their wedding photography. “We’re very flexible,” the owner described. “We need to be, because most couples that come in want everything – some candids, some photojournalistic pictures, some organic posing. We’re very natural and not very structured, although we can be if a couple wants that.”

In fact, Fine Art Studio encourages their clientele to share inspiration images from any source, so that the photography team can capture a similar spirit in their own pictures. “We’ll direct [brides] to send us a folder full of photos that they love from Instagram, from Facebook, from Pinterest, a fashion magazine, even other weddings at their venue. This way we can see what the couple likes, what they want, and what they’re expecting.” 

Of course, Fine Art Studio also recognizes that even though photography is important, no couple wants to spend their entire wedding taking pictures. “We’re very detailed, but we’re not overwhelming,” the owner reassured. “We like to get everything done so that [couples] can really enjoy their wedding day.” 

“You have to connect with your vendor.” – Fine Art Photography and Video

Fine Art Studio has a few pieces of advice for brides planning their big days. “Set a budget for yourself when it comes to signing up vendors but try not to make it very firm,” he recommended. “Set a range. To a certain extent, you don’t want to limit yourself. It’s not just about the price, it’s more about your comfort level with that person who is going to be with you for your entire wedding day.” 

Fine Art Studio also stressed the importance of actually talking to any potential vendors, while maintaining some budgetary wiggle-room. “Make phone calls. Speak to them. You have to connect with your photographer, or your entertainment, or your venue on a personal level. And then be willing to spend a little more if you find the right person.”