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“I loved Studio 27. They are the whole package!” Offering the trifecta of terrific wedding day services, the team at Studio 27 is one any couple would love on their special day!

From photography, to videography, to DJ, Studio 27 makes sure that your wedding day is the one day you will remember for the rest of your life! 

Studio 27 set out with one goal in mind, to not only give couples beautiful photos of their wedding day, but to make sure the couple has a good time being photographed as well. I had the opportunity to chat with one of Studio 27’s owners, Steve, to discuss why so many couples choose this team to capture their wedding day memories!

When did Studio 27 open for business?

Steve: Studio 27 opened in 2012. After working for other studios, owners Steve and Franco decided to open a new studio with a fresh take on wedding photography. They were amongst the first to offer off camera flash photography and documentary style cinematography. They were one of the first studios to change to full DSLR cinematography and continue to be one of the industry leaders through innovation and creativity. In 2015 Studio 27’s creativity and innovation struck again! Dan Nelson joined our team to create Studio 27 DJs. This was a perfect marriage (pardon the pun) of services that offered our couples stress-free planning. Ever since, clients have enjoyed the convenience of our one team approach for this one special day.

What can a BOLI expect when making an appointment with Studio 27?

Steve: Couples can expect to be greeted as a member of the family! You and your guests will be treated to a beverage of your choosing (glass of wine? Need something stronger? Maybe a cocktail?). Feeling “Hangry?” Don’t fret, couples can raid our snack bar stocked from with cookies, popcorn and chips. We even have spiked ice cream (you’ve been warned!) Is a certain “somebody” less than excited to discuss photography. No worries! They can occupy themselves with our arcade. It has every game imaginable (they might not leave). Who said wedding planning is boring?

Once you’re settled in, a team member will show you samples of our work from your actual venue. During this time, our team member will ask questions and take notes in order to make recommendations for you. They will also show you galleries of available team members that fit your style and taste. The consultation ends when you and your fiancé have had all your questions answered, but not before all beverages have been consumed!

My husband Brian and I booked Studio 27 for our 10-13-19 wedding at Land’s End.  From the minute we met Steve, we knew we would be in good hands with Studio 27.  Steve was so welcoming and he was willing to work with our budget.  We used them for photo, video, DJ, and drone.  Every email I sent was answered promptly.  The Studio 27 crew works so well together.” – REAL BOLI,  Krista Kunzig

How would you describe your photography/videography style? Do you prefer candid shots or to choreograph shots? Do you offer customized packages to suit the couple’s needs?

Steve: Studio 27’s photography style is very creative, dramatic and romantic. We are looking to photograph everything from the smallest detail to the most epic image. Although there needs to be some “staged” or “choreographed” images, we will focus on being unobtrusive, candid and tasteful. Our team has been hired based not only on their style of photography, but on their personalities as well. This way a couple will not only love their photos, but they will also have a great time taking them!

I loved Studio 27! We used them for our pictures, video, and DJ.  They are the whole package.  The pictures are absolutely stunning. I sent them a whole bunch of pictures that I wanted to recreate.   I really appreciated the time and effort they took into getting the shots that I wanted to create.  They also worked with us on pricing since we used them for more than one thing.   They were so patient with me as we did draft after draft of our wedding album until I declared it perfect!” – Real BOLI, Kimberly Loescher


How would you describe your DJ style? How do you work with couples to come up with the perfect playlist? What are some of your favorite first dance songs?

Steve: We would describe our DJ style as “open format” with a skill set that spans every genre of music guaranteeing something for everyone. Working with couples to plan the perfect party starts months before. We want to provide as much help as possible to make their planning easy and stress free. One way we do this is by providing couples access to our company Spotify. It’s loaded with great playlists curated by our talented DJs. It’s also a great resource for picking the perfect song to dance with Mom and Dad.

Then, a couple of weeks before the party, we meet up face to face to iron out the details and discuss the overall vibe each couple desires for their reception. We’re not done yet! After your meeting is over, your playlist is reviewed, and we handpick a DJ to match your taste and style of music!

I knew I didn’t have to worry about any mistakes with Studio 27.  I knew I could trust them.  Nick was an amazing DJ!  The dance floor was packed the whole night!!!  I crowd surfed at one point.  Steve was a great MC!  He has such great energy!  It truly was the absolute BEST day of our lives and we can’t thank Studio 27 enough!” – REAL BOLI, Krista Kunzig 


You’re a BOLI favorite! What do you think separates you from the pack?

Steve: What separates Studio 27 from the pack are the personalities of our team. From the photographers and cinematographers to the DJs and MCs. We work with the same team members every week and they have been here for years.  Check out this fun video we made during quarantine. As you can see, our team will keep you laughing all day which makes picture taking more enjoyable and leads to better photographs.

Aside from our personalities, and more directly related to photography, we use both natural lighting and off-camera lighting to capture your memories. Many studios only use natural light for your photographs and while we agree that using natural light is a beautiful way to capture images, mixing in off camera flash adds a nice punch to a good number of photographs.

Studio 27 went above and beyond on my special day. My husband and I chose to use them for all three of their services. (Photography, videography, and DJ). From start to finish, every single worker was on point and attentive, Making the day a breeze! Boy Wonder knew exactly how to get us going for pictures and was so comfortable to work with! Dan, was very personable and attentive when having the final DJ meeting. My husband and I were even in a different state shortly before the wedding and he made sure to have a phone conference to go over every detail! I recommend them to every future bride I come across!” – REAL BOLI, Allyssa Welsh


Anything else you’d like to share?

Steve: Studio 27 prides itself on great customer service that will exceed your expectations. Our team of professionals continually hone their craft which enables us to offer the latest trends in photography, cinematography and DJ entertainment.  Additionally, because we do not sub-contract, our couples can choose team members that best reflect their style, taste and personality. Working with our team will feel like the beginning of a lifelong friendship. How many companies can say that?