7 Wedding Gown Options That Will Set You Apart

Classics are classics for a reason! But if you’re looking for a departure from the norm, here are 7 wedding gown options that will set you apart.

Image courtesy of Never There Yet Photography

A-lines, mermaids, and long lacy veils – oh my! There’s no doubt that a traditional bridal wardrobe is gorgeous. And let’s face it: at what other point in your life will you get to wear a big, beautiful ball gown and not be looked at with a little bit of side eye? But the conventional may not speak to your spirit, your soul, or your style – and that’s okay! Your wedding dress should be a reflection of YOU. If you want to play around with some unorthodox ideas, here are 7 wedding gown options that will set you apart.

1. A shorter length

Sure, plenty of wedding gowns are floor-length with long, billowing trains – but they definitely don’t HAVE to be. A shorter, cocktail-length gown may better suit your vibe (and it would be WAY cooler if your wedding is in the summer months). You can have a beautiful, cute, and classy gown that will give those gams some breathing room. 

2. A color other than white

Not into ivory, eggshell, or mother-of-pearl? No problem. There’s nothing that says a white wedding dress is a must. In fact, in many cultures it is customary to wear reds or other vibrant colors. 

3. Swap out the veil

Image courtesy of Never There Yet Photography

 Trade the lace for a fascinator, a flower crown, or even a hat! 

4. Explore textures, patterns, and embroidery

Image courtesy of Bernard Alexis Photography

If you love a good paisley, why not wear it on your wedding day? Or if you’re an expert at embroidery, what better to way to add a personal touch than to add a few unique designs to your gown?

5. Try a cape or shawl


Add some texture to your silhouette with a cape or shawl (a handy addition for those chilly winter months)!

6. Choose an interesting silhouette

On the subject of silhouettes – think outside of the box! Maybe a bodycon dress, poofy sleeves, or an asymetrical hemline are more your style.

7. Ditch the dress altogether

Image courtesy of Studio 27

If you’ve never been one to enjoy wearing a dress, ditch it! Get a tailored pantsuit instead.