6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Whether you’re going for an intimate backyard gathering or a mansion affair with hundreds of guests, a wedding planner will ensure your day runs smoothly.

A wedding planner lights a candle

Image courtesy of Revel Abloom + Co

Your engagement was like a scene from your favorite rom-com, complete with the candles, romantic music, and maybe even an epic flash mob (your fiancé knows A LOT of people).

But actually planning your wedding feels very different from how those cute movies made it out to be. Instead of leisurely sipping a latte while you flip through the pages of a bridal magazine, you’re driving all over the island making appointments, attending massive expos, interviewing a ton of vendors, and slowly starting to pull your hair out.

We get it. Planning a wedding, no matter your vision or guest list, is a huge undertaking. And let’s be real – shouldn’t you be enjoying these months as a fiancée, instead of having recurring nightmares about dress fittings and invitations lost in the mail? That’s why it’s important to enlist some help as you bring your wedding day (good!) dreams to life. Here are 6 reasons you should hire a wedding planner:

1. When you hire a wedding planner, you have a professional in charge.

Listen, you wouldn’t want to go to a doctor who’s only education was season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. So why would you want to plan your wedding when you have no expertise, background, or experience in ACTUALLY planning one? When you hire a wedding planner, you’re bringing a true professional on board. They’ve done this hundreds of times for hundreds of couples, which means they know which steps to take first, which vendors are best suited for your specific styles, and how best to structure your day-of timeline.

2. A wedding planner allows you to focus on the fun stuff.

Your brand new Cricut is plugged in and ready to create your wedding day DIY masterpieces, but you’re stuck sifting through contracts and googling “how much should a wedding photographer cost?” A wedding planner can take over all the time consuming details you don’t want to deal with, while you give your attention to all those fabric swatches you ordered.

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3. A wedding planner can give you expert advice.

Not sure when to start looking for your dress? Or when to send out invitations? Or if the cascade bouquet will end up being too heavy to carry? There is no better expert than a wedding planner – they’ve truly seen it all! Not only can they advise you on basic logistics, they can also provide insight about the smaller details of your day.

4. A wedding planner can be your ultimate budget master.

You sat down with your fiancé and created the strictest of budgets. But now that you’ve thrown yourself into planning, it’s getting harder and harder to stick to your bottom lines (you really REALLY need those sparkler towers). A wedding planner can help to keep you within your spending limits by throwing ideas and alternatives your way, and also work with your vendors to secure the best pricing. Ditch the spreadsheets and let your wedding planner do the number crunching!

A wedding planner arranges flowers on a table

Image courtesy of Revel Abloom + Co

5. A wedding planner is your day-of “firefighter.”

Ask any newlywed and they’ll tell you – no wedding goes off without a hitch. From late limos to missing centerpieces, there is bound to be something that doesn’t go according to plan on your big day. But with a wedding planner at the helm, you have someone to put out these small “fires” for you. You may not even know when they happen!

6. A wedding planner allows you to be fully present on the best day of your life.

A common refrain from many brides is that they barely remember their wedding days at all. Unfortunately, that can happen very easily. You’re so focused on sticking to your timeline, or making sure your vendors get tipped, or making sure your aunt gets the gluten-free pasta, that you miss all the beautiful and meaningful moments that make your day so special. Your wedding planner will keep an eye on the clock, hand out the envelopes, and check the meals at the reception – all you have to do is remember your first kiss, your first dance, and the love surrounding you!

A wedding planner on her cell phone as staff sets the table

Image courtesy of Worth a Shot Events, Inc