6 Reasons Why Rain on Your Wedding Day Can Be Awesome!

Image: JoVon Photography

Many brides dread it, but here are some huge pluses to grey skies during your  “I do’s”

  1. It’s good luck!
    Alanis Morissette got this one so wrong. The idiom “tie the knot” is one with which most brides are very well acquainted. This phrase dates back centuries, and most historians believe it originated with Celtic “handfasting ceremonies” where a couple was bound in matrimony by tying knots of cloth around their hands. As for how the rain ties in…well, have you ever tried to untie a wet knot? It’s pretty hard! Rain on your wedding symbolizes that your marriage will be strong and stand the tests of time.In some cultures, rain on your wedding day also symbolizes fertility, cleansing of the past, and renewal.
  2. It makes for amazing pictures!
    Sure, a smiling bride and groom on a sunny day is always classic, but have you seen some of the stunning and unique shots that can be captured in the rain? “Your photographer is able to control the lighting and be very creative with those rain clouds,” says Gil Pizarro of Fade to Black New York. “You can also do some cool lighting with your umbrellas. Don’t stress the bad weather, your pictures can be even more amazing!”

Image: Fade to Black

Image: Boschelli photography

Image: Glenmar Studios

Image: Artistic Images


3. Your vendors will be on top of their game!
Unexpected rain forces most vendors into their Plan B: venues have to move cocktail hours inside, make-up artists need to ‘rainproof’ your glam, limo drivers will start pulling out their umbrellas. And while a great vendor will always make sure they deliver up to your expectations, there’s something about having to pivot at the last minute that makes anyone a little more present and “plugged-in.”

4. It washes away allergens!
While a bright  spring day might be heaven for some of your senses, it also has the potential to send your nose and eyes running (especially if you’re susceptible to seasonal allergies). With a little rainfall, allergens like pollen get swept away and you’re less likely to hear “a-choo!” during “I do!”

5. It will give your guests a fun party on an otherwise dreary day!
If it weren’t for your wedding, a rainy day might mean a boring night in for a lot of your guests. Instead, they get an excuse to dress up, break out the umbrellas, and celebrate!

6. Rainy days will cheer you up for the rest of your life!
Sometimes a grey day can give us a case of the blues. But if you’re lucky enough to have your wedding on one of those days, you’ll have an incredible memory for whenever you pull out your raincoat.