13 Subtle (and Not So Subtle) Ways to Incorporate Halloween into Your Wedding

There are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite holiday without being creepy!

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Fall is a great season to have your wedding. And if you love Halloween, you’re probably trying to figure out how to incorporate your favorite holiday into your wedding day without being creepy. The key is to subtly incorporate Halloween without it being completely in your guests’ faces. Here are 13 subtle (and not so subtle) ways to incorporate Halloween into your wedding.

Candles – and Lots of Them

Utilize candles and candlelight wherever you can. Get married by candlelight. Have candelabras as centerpieces. Keep the orange glow throughout your reception. Just remember to not have it so dark that guests can’t see their food while they’re eating.

Choose a Gray Wedding Dress (or Add Some Color)

Sure, you could get a black wedding dress, if you are feeling bold and are really into Halloween. But if you want to subtly incorporate Halloween into your wedding, choose a gray wedding dress. Or choose a white or off-white dress with some orange and black pops of color.

Black Veil

If you don’t want to add color to your dress, consider a black or gray veil.

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Choose white and orange pumpkins or gourds as your centerpieces. Or get a plastic pumpkin big enough to be your card box!

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Pick Your Colors Wisely

Pumpkin orange, black, dark purple. These colors might not be the best choices for weddings on their own. But, you could choose variations of those colors. Perhaps a deep velvet or a burnt orange for bridesmaid dresses. Instead of black, choose gray. Just think of any fall colors and throw in pops of Halloween colors for table linens and flowers.

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Candy Bar

Instead of regular favors, put out bowls of candy for guests to choose their own goodie bags on the way out. Make sure to throw in your and your significant other’s favorites. Bonus points if the bowls are orange and black. Even extra bonus points if you remember the candy corn.

Signature Drinks

Pick fun fall drinks as your signature drinks, but give them fun Halloween names like Witches’ Brew or Vampire’s Juice. Or see if your venue’s mixologists could create a drink that smokes!

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Fun Photo Booth Props

Here’s where you can get really creative and geek out on Halloween. Add fun hats or even a spooky backdrop for your guests to take photos in front of. Go wild and get a cardboard cutout or two that are Halloween-themed.

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Coffin Ring Box

Keep your rings safe in a coffin-shaped ring box. The true meaning of until death do you part.

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If you are a huge fan of the spooky holiday, and you want to throw a true Halloween-themed wedding, here are some not so subtle ways to incorporate Halloween into your wedding.

Everything Black

Black dress. Black lace. Some black flowers. Throw in some pops of color though – perhaps a deep purple or a dark orange to really showcase your love of the holiday.

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Creepy Décor

Head to the dollar store and pick up items like creepy cloths, tombstones, skulls, spiderwebs and whatever else you can find. Use these to decorate your venue to look like a spooky mansion. Or to create fun centerpieces.

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Halloween-themed Wedding Cake

You know those crazy Halloween cakes you see on the Food Network? See if your venue can do a fun spooky Halloween cake or cupcakes.

Dark, Dramatic Makeup

If you want to go for a dramatic Halloween look, keep your skin pale with dark red or even black lipstick.

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Now, the last thing we haven’t touched on is costumes for guests. If you’re trying to subtly incorporate Halloween into your wedding and keep it classy, we suggest you skip the costumes for guests. This is your wedding and not an actual Halloween party. Plus, think of how you want your photos to be. Do you want to look back in 20 years to see your friends wearing costumes on your wedding day? But, if you are OK with that – then go for it!

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