12 Fun Extras for Your Wedding

We all know everyone is excited to celebrate you and your fiancé on your big day. But wouldn’t it be cool to have something different and unique for people to see, try or do to celebrate you? From the bachelorette party to after the wedding, the Brides of Long Island has you covered with these amazing preferred vendors just waiting to celebrate your big day with you. Here are 12 fun extras for your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Festivities

(Photo courtesy of Camp No Counselors)

Camp No Counselors
Go back to summer camp – but add some adult activities. Think DJ, live bands, foam parties and so much more! And it’s all inclusive – including the adult beverages. This is one weekend you won’t forget with your besties.

Learn more about Camp No Counselors here.

(Photo courtesy of DJ CHEF)

DJ CHEF Bachelorette Party
Do you want to party but don’t like the crowded Hamptons clubs? Bring the party to your house! Grab your bride tribe for a fun night in dancing and singing, while DJ CHEF does all the work cooking and pumping your favorite tunes.

Get the party started with more information about DJ CHEF here.

Need a pick-me-up either before, during or after your bachelorette party? Or maybe you need to relax and get an energy boost before the big day. Hire the ladies at reactIVate. These two emergency room registered nurses bring IV drips infused with vitamins to keep you healthy and glowing for whatever festivities you have planned.

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For Your Wedding

Caffe Aronne
Do you love coffee? Caffe Aronne features a 1978 Piaggio Ape that brings coffee to your wedding. And what makes this even more special? They roast their own beans and then brew their own coffee just for you.

(Photo courtesy of Catherine Rose Studio)

Catherine Rose Studio
What better way to capture your wedding memories than on the canvas? Cat at Catherine Rose Studio will capture the laughter and love with her brush, creating a beautiful work of art that you will treasure forever.

(Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gelato Catering)

Dolce & Gelato Catering
Gelato, expresso, fresh mozzarella, bars, spritz stations – if you want anything extra that’s Italian, Dolce & Gelato Catering is for you!  It’s all about the experience – so just ask and they can customize what you want!

(Photo courtesy of Event Painting with Gina)

Event Painting with Gina
From the big things to the small things, Gina doesn’t leave anything out when she captures your wedding on her canvas. She wants her work to bring all of those wondering wedding day memories flooding back when you look at it years later. Having been a BOLI herself, she is in tune with what brides are looking for.

(Photo courtesy of The Roving Bar – Long Island)

The Roving Bar Long Island
From backyard weddings to just an addition to any venue, the Roving Bar Long Island brings the fun (and the booze) to any party. This vintage Piaggio Ape mobile bar cart can fit anywhere and is ready to serve delicious drinks of your choice. From beer, wine and prosecco to a cigar humidor and even baked goods – this cart is sure to be the talk of your wedding night.

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(Photo courtesy of The Wedding Shotski)

The Wedding Shotski
If you’re ready to party at your wedding, The Wedding Shotski is just the thing for you. A customized shotski made just for you. You can use it before, during and after your wedding to get the most use out of it. Bottoms up!

After Wedding Glow

(Photo courtesy of Don’t Toss the Bouquet)

Don’t Toss the Bouquet
Keep those memories alive by preserving your bouquet. Or create beautiful presents for your bridesmaids or parents by preserving their flowers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Don’t Toss the Bouquet.

(Photo courtesy of Flohral Preservations)

Flohral Preservations
Transform your wedding bouquet into a work of art with Flohral Preservations. Debbie will transform your flowers into a statement piece that will bring back those wonderful wedding memories each time you look at it.

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(Photo courtesy of Gagné Lingerie )

Gagne Lingerie
If you’re looking for some customized, perfect fitting lingerie, reach out to the Gange gang! These ladies work with you to create the most intimate, beautiful lingerie to give you all of the confidence you need on your wedding day, night or at any time!

All of the Brides of Long Island preferred vendors are here for you to create the most perfect wedding day. And these 12 fun extras for your wedding are the perfect way to bring a unique experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.