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Hi, everyone! I’m Andrew and I’m the founder of YellowHouse Images. I’m the father of two awesome girls and married to an amazing woman. live in the beautiful town of Stony Brook.

The Wedding Industry

I was a full-time journalist for years and after a while, my friends started to get married. I decided to start bringing my camera to shoot at the weddings, and people would tell me after that they loved my photos.

Eventually I started to make wedding videos, since it was a different creative outlet, and began focusing on documentary-style clips for the bride and groom – each video is unique for each couple I talk to, which is always fun and interesting.

When I got married to my wife Kathy, I noticed how the story is constantly continuing. I followed the stories of my friends who were falling in love, along with the growth of their new homes, babies and families. Especially our own Charlotte and Amelia.

But when it starts with a wedding, I whole-heartedly consider it a privilege for you to want me there for 12 hours on your special day. I love being around happy people and telling their stories. I consider it an honor to give them photos and video that will be with them forever.

The Wedding Memories

There have been so many favorite memories that we have shared with couples during their weddings throughout the years – it’s really hard to pick one. But I think that favorite memories were instances where we had to improvise:

One wedding I was following a couple in a Rolls Royce and the car broke down. We were running late, the bride and groom were stressed, but I decided to take the opportunity and make something fun out of it while we waited. I took pictures of the two of them against the car, pretending to push the broken vehicle and posing like they were hitchhiking on the side of the road. By the end of the ordeal, the bride told me that she ended up loving those pictures and that I made that bad moment in the day turn into something good.

A similar situation happened while we were headed to the beach to take a picture of a bridal party. It started to downpour. Everyone was upset and angry about the weather, but we found a dive bar on the beach and waiting in there for the rain to die down. We ordered drinks, played darts and danced to music on the jukebox. I ended up taking a picture of the bride and groom kissing with everyone surrounding them at the bar. The bride told me that was here favorite picture of the evening.

Both these situations could have been really bad and disappointing, but my team can make memorable pictures at any place under any circumstance. I love capturing unique moments.


What sets us apart from other photographers is we don’t do much posing. We’ll do the traditional family shots with everyone standing together in a formal setting, but we prefer a journalistic approach to our photos. Posing the bride and groom Is very light, fun and natural.

if you’ve been in a wedding that had a photographer make you stand there smiling, you know how annoying it can be. We get those photographs we need and then move on to the fun and candid stuff.

We specialize in getting emotion through videos and photos; happiness, crying – we blend into the crowd, shoot candidly and go with the flow. We create a good vibe and aren’t obnoxious to your guests. I won’t carry large equipment with me – no big lights or tripods. All of my gear blends in so you or your guests won’t feel like they’re being filmed (for those who might be a little camera shy).

Our videos are different because I took my experience as a reporter and can make your special day into a short film. We get to know the couple during their wedding, we build their trust and mostly all our couples come back to continue the storytelling of their babies, home purchases and Christmas photos. We’re with you through the important moments in life.

Company History

Prior to 2012, I was a journalist working in Brooklyn. I met my now-wife there, who was a schoolteacher and when I left journalism full time,, we started up YellowHouse Images (named after our first home, a yellow one). We eventually moved out of that yellow house, and currently live in a white one in Stony Brook that allowed me to open up a full-service studio.

Now, my wife takes on more behind-the-scene roles while she raises our two daughters, and we expanded to hiring other former journalists. By doing that, we can now work multiple weddings, if needed, and have a team come for your special day. Our crew is highly experienced. They are able to work together in an organized way, capturing different moments of your event. I will only hire people that you can trust.


What is your pricing?
Newsday in 2019 reported that the average pricing for wedding photography and video is around $7,500. We try to keep around that standard price for our services.

But what separates us from other companies is that we are highly above quality. We designed a way to keep our day with you easy going. We aren’t old school, and we bring a new light to photo and video that isn’t what your parents had back in the day. I bring top-of-the-line gear and will make you comfortable because I’m good at reading couples – some will come to me and say that they hate being photographed… but by the end of the day, they won’t let me stop taking their pictures.

How long do I get you for?
First things first: I always say you have me for the whole day. No hourly limit. When you book with us, you get us the entire time, which is dictated through a schedule that we discuss and plan together.

What’s the photo policy?
You own the rights to all your photos. Some photographers will charge you the rate and then make you purchase prints or downloads. With me, we hook you up with a cloud so you can have the opportunity to print your photos or download them to any device. If you do want prints, we work with a local printing company, as well.

How many photos do I get?
On average, you will get about 1,000 edited photos. For videos, we will give you the entire wedding ceremony and we offer the premium documentary-style film.

Do you give raw footage?
Or final product is all the footage we take form the day. The term "raw footage" is deceptive because it can not be view in one clip and audio is separate.

Personal Hobbies

While I’m not out taking pictures, I enjoy spending time with my two little girls. I love cooking for them - I make breakfast, packed lunches for school, snacks and dinner because I’m a food guy and I take that very seriously. I want my daughters to grow up knowing how important good food is for them.

And even though I love food, I also take fitness seriously. I’m really into Orange Theory and yoga. I love old school hip-hop, sports photography and documentary filmmaking.

I’m a dance dad, and make sure I bring my photography skills to my daughters’ recitals every year.
We take the holidays very seriously in my house and every week, my wife and I still try to go out and have a date night where we grab dinner or play trivia.

Additional Info

Brides of Long Island is a great outlet for those ready to tie the knot. When people come together to use local resources, it’s such a great thing. Wedding planning can be stressful and BOLI is definitely making it easier on the bride and groom.

BOLI Love!

We used Ryan as the photographer from Yellow House Images and I cannot say enough amazing things about him! He made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was so encouraging throughout the whole photo shoot! Not to mention he had edited and got back the photos to us within less than 24 hours after the shoot! 
Danielle R.
I highly recommend Yellow House Images! I am so happy we decided to take engagement photos. We were really on the fence but now we will always have these beautiful photos to remember our first home together! 
Kelly C.
Yellow house images! They went above and beyond and got everything I asked for, and I barely knew they were even there! 
Nicole P.
Andrew from Yellow House Images sent me my engagement shoot photos. I'm literally obsessed and want to share them with as many people as I can. We decided to do a retro Mad Men/Grease-style photoshoot and Andrew was so helpful. He's the most easy going person and the world and made us feel so comfortable. Best part? We did this on a Sunday and Andrew got them back to us literally on Tuesday morning - over 1,000 images to go through. Long story short, Yellow House Images = 10/10
Julianne M.

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