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Hi! Im Jessica and I own Xtreme Rhythm Weddings. Our dance studio opened in 2014 and we started Xtreme Rhythm Weddings in 2018. Since then, We've won The Best of The Knot 3 years in a row!

The recipe for the success of Xtreme Weddings is Authenticity + Communication = A good relationship with your couples. It started with 2 flash mobs and the rest is history!

The Wedding Industry

So, Here I am. 10 YEARS later. In 2010, at the age of 17 I started dancing for entertainment companies. I was a part of that "Entertainment". Dancing and putting on a "show" for the guests. Adults, Kids, All of it. I have probably entered over 100 catering halls, Danced about 500 events for any time of season and worked with well over 20 entertainment companies. I chose to do that not only to get more work, But to really see how other companies ran there business and see who could really execute their "Show". And by shows I mean: Communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16's and Weddings. I have worked at every type of event you can think of.. and I've seen it ALL. I can say for sure that there is a method to the madness on how events should be ran (More of this on another topic). Aside for working these parties, I've been on the back-end for many. Working in the offices of entertainment companies i've learned a lot about what goes into your special event. I've conducted and choreographed dance rehearsal's, designed costumes and clothing for the parties, I've booked talent and choose the best group of talent per each party, and sometimes working with parents to add a special touch to their event (In this case, each Mitzvah needs to always out-do the next.) I've worked with dj's to create special mixes and songs for the background music and grand entrances. With todays events, people love themes, It's important to make sure everything matches. I've always been a perfectionist, But there are SO many little things you look past when it comes to throwing your event. I've definitely learned them all.

So now its time, Had being involved with parties for so long and have worked with couples to prepare for their wedding day rigorously for 3 years now and have won The Best of Weddings in 2019-2021.. I'm truly excited to share all my advice, tips, and tricks to have your perfect wedding.

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory would be when my best friend did unique entrances for each couple walking in at her wedding. It was fun, eye catching and something the guests will remember.


We provide the most up to date material for your wedding!  

-First Dance
-Flash Mobs
-Dad & Daughter/ Mom & Son Dances
-Bridal party entrances
 -Bride & Groom entrance
-Choreographed routines
-Social dancing 101

 Make your wedding stand out with the most creative services. We also provide regular dance lessons for the couple who needs a brush up so you look perfect for the big day!


How far in advanced should we start our lessons?
-At least 3-4 months out. You'd be surprised how busy you get as it gets closer to the wedding. Make sure you give yourself enough time to come for your classes and also to practice on your own time

How do we book our lessons?
-Send over your availability and we book on a first come first serve basis.

Are there packages?
-Yes you can either pay by the class or package depending on what your going for.

Do I need to bring my heels?
-As long as your comfortable dancing in them!

Personal Hobbies

On my time off, I enjoy working out ( crazy I know.) or taking ballet! Im a beach bum in the summer and love to snowboard in the winter. I also have an obsession with candles, and spicy foods... and spicy drinks! lol

BOLI Love!

Xtreme Rhythm - Jessica the owner and instructor was super flexible and even though I needed to reschedule a few times, she was very understanding and easy to work with. It took us 3 sessions to get our 2 minute dance down. Loved the moves and loved how she played off our energy to create a dance that suited us. We loved our song but had trouble imagining us dancing to it and she made it happen perfectly!!!
Erin G.
Jessica is incredible! My husband and I did not feel comfortable dancing together, and wanted to change that so we could enjoy our son’s wedding. Within 5 minutes, Jessica knew just what to do to help us! We had a few more lessons and felt comfortable dancing the night away! I highly recommend Xtreme Rhythm Dance Academy!
Jill V.
Jessica at Xtreme Rhythm was absolutely amazing! My now husband and I chose “I got you babe” which was a different pace then a typical first dance song and we were lost as to how we were going to dance to it. Jessica created our dance start to finish and it was absolutely perfect. I was so stressed that we wouldn’t be able to nail it but on our fifth and final lesson we were doing it seamlessly. I can’t say enough good things about Jessica and her business, she made us feel so comfortable and was so professional, she knows her stuff! I HIGHLY recommend Jessica at Xtreme Rhythm, she was phenomenal!
Amanda L.
My fiancé and I were desperately searching for someone to teach us our first dance TWO weeks before our wedding. After reaching out to multiple vendors, we came across Jessica who was super responsive and professional. She coordinated every move and made it so simple and fun for us to learn in one class. She is amazing, look no further brides!
Janice K.
Jessica help give us confidence to dance at our daughter’s wedding. She was wonderful!
Esta N.
Jessica coordinated a whole dance routine for us and was never short of amazing. She worked with us at our pace teaching us the routine and even gave us tips for our nerves day of. She genuinely cared as much as I did that the day of the dance would be perfect. We started with her as soon as we got engaged, almost 2 years and kept up as much as we could but with covid obviously lost some practice time. As our day was getting closer and I was not confident in the routine, Jess worked with us and even came in on her birthday to give us a lesson. She was the voice of reason and listened to me and my worries and talked to me at all of our lessons both about the dance and the whole wedding in general. Recently engaged herself she totally gets what being a bride is like. She’s an amazing person and teacher and my husband and I are truly going to miss our lessons with her! Oh and our dance?! We nailed it! Our guests where so impressed and it was so magical and amazing, we could’ve never done it without Jessica at Extreme Rhythm. If you’re looking for a whole choreographed routine like us or just some tips and tricks for your big day, she is your girl!
Katherine F.

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