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Hi Brides of Long Islanders!!!! We are a family owned and operated photography and videography studio who has been going for over 80 years and plans for at least 80 more ;) We love what we do and love to work with our brides and grooms to make the most seamless experience for their wedding day. We would love to sit down and learn what you love about wedding photography and videography and what you don't. Give us a call anytime to talk to one of our photographers or wedding day professionals to see how we can help you!

The Wedding Industry

Capturing memories for weddings is in our blood. It is probably the biggest and most important party you will ever throw and we want to be there to make sure nothing is missed. Creating timeless portraits and getting those perfect candid moments is what we love about what we do. We are so fortunate to be in an industry that allows us to be apart of such happy times.

The Wedding Memories

We personally have a serious affinity for father daughter dances. I myself have been in tears and most.


We specialize in natural organic moment based photography.

Company History

It was the Bronx in the 30’s, the Yankees still played in Yankee stadium, “The House that Ruth Built” and construction of the Triboro Bridge just started. The Great Depression was coming to an end and WWII was just beginning. With the flash bulb only about 10 years old, was this the right time to open a photography studio? Who knows but the leap of faith was taken and The Glenmar Studio was born. And over 80 years later here we are with the knowledge of over 8 decades of experience to know what works best.

Personal Hobbies

Our Team has numerous personal hobbies here are a few: soap making, gardening, furniture making, binge watching, kid wrangling, yoga, horse back riding, piano playing, dog photos, Instagramming, art photography, reading, gaming, snow boarding, acting, exercising, traveling (in winter only ;), cooking, meditating...

BOLI Love!

My photographers and videographers were the Glenmar Studio. Let me start by saying that they were funny and artistic and really just made all the anxiety go away. I was sooo comfortable with them and I already got sneak peeks back and I am absolutely floored with how beautiful they came out.
Alexandra L.

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