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Sunrise is filled with some of CME's veterans! We are young, fresh and energetic. We play top 40 of all genres. Leading the band, Malika comes with years of experience having trained directly under Rudy (owner/bandleader) with Crossing Midnight and others in the industry. Sunrise is proud to provide our couples with high energy, continuous music and killer vocals!

The Wedding Memories

One of our favorite wedding memories has been playing a wedding on Fire Island. Ensuring a proper set up and sound check, it became an all day affair but we had so much fun riding a water taxi together (with all of our equipment and instruments). We spent the day with our sound team and band mates and the energy for the reception was through the roof! If you want to know what a water taxi full of musicians (after the adrenaline of performing) sounds like, reach out to us and we’ll show you videos and pictures of that night!

Company History

We started our company because we love playing music, we love playing all genres and have fun doing what we love. The company is named after our flagship band “Crossing Midnight”. Crossing Midnight is actually an audio-video term. Rudy first heard it in one of his college classes, when his professor jokingly said “good name for band”. Rudy laughed but instantly thought “good name for MY band”. He took over all social media handles and has now made it his brand.


We often get asked about our “song list” or “set list” and our answer is “we don’t use one”. The reason behind this is we truly believe no wedding reception nor guest list is the same. Just like a DJ, our bandleaders read a room and figure out what your guests like and what they want to dance to. If a specific song, artist or genre doesn’t work for your guests, we switch out and call something different to draw them back in. A set list doesn’t provide that flexibility. If you book with us, you’ll be able to provide us with a list of your requests as well as any “do not playlist”.

Personal Hobbies

Malika comes from a musical family and enjoys anything and everything music! She works on her original music when she’s not doing weddings and loves to visit her nieces and nephews in PA whenever she has the chance to travel. Whenever the band gets together, we end up creating music. Whether we play games like Heardle, Heads Up! (we always choose the music category) or are simply enjoying some food together. If you’re at an Applebee’s and you hear a table beat boxing or free styling, that’s probably us.

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