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When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we were overwhelmed, and we didn't know where to start!

When it came to choosing a photographer, we chose someone based on a recommendation, and our experience wasn't what we would've liked. I started my business to provide a different experience. This is your wedding, your day, your story. We document couples by getting to know them, understanding what they want and need, and capturing authentic moments throughout their wedding.

The photographs from your wedding are some of the few tangible memories of the day you've been dreaming about for a long time. We take the time to learn about what you want so that photography isn't something you have to worry about at all.

By understanding each couple, learning about their story and listening to what their dreams are about their wedding, I want to give them the experience I didn’t have.

I want you to enjoy every moment of your wedding, and I want to provide you with honest, compelling, emotional, and romantic imagery that will bring you joy every time you look at the images.

The Wedding Industry

I feel so honored to work with every couple I photograph. Whether I'm working with them at their engagement session, at their wedding, or at an event surrounding their wedding, I know that the photographs I take become cherished memories. I love telling the story of the day - from the private, intimate moments to the big celebrations. I'm there to document the first day of a new family, and I know that these images will be enjoyed now and by future generations.

I love seeing the genuine emotion from the couple as well as their family and guests.

What I love the most about my role in the wedding industry is that I get to meet and work with amazing couples, learn about their story, and build a relationship with them. I get to see the excitement of all of the wedding planning leading into the excitement of the day, and I have a front row seat to document the experience. It makes me so happy every time.

The Wedding Memories

Every couple is unique, and every wedding has a special moment. My favorite moment was at a reception where the groom was a singer, but he was also a little shy. His wife really wanted him to sing a song at the wedding, but he had expressed how nervous he was and that he probably wasn't going to do it.

The groom had secretly met with the wedding band, and together, they prepared a song. Right as the band was about to play a set, the bride was called over to the dance floor, and she was surprised by the groom singing the song he rehearsed with the band.

While the groom sounded amazing, my favorite moment came right after he sang. She knew it was hard for him to do, and she knew he did it for her. The room was cheering, but the private, intimate moment the bride and groom shared with all the guests celebrating behind them was beautiful.


We want you to enjoy every moment of your day, and a lot of that comes from being comfortable with posing, being comfortable with your photographer, and understanding what is most important to you. For all of those reasons, we offer a complimentary engagement session with every wedding. This gives you great imagery to use, but most importantly, it allows us to teach you how to pose, gives you a chance to work with your photographer, and gives you an opportunity to learn how to look your best in front of a camera. This helps to make the photography on your wedding day stress free.

Company History

When it came to pick a name for the company, I struggled. Ultimately, my wife and I used my name because we wanted to underscore the experience every couple will receive. This one-on-one approach is really the secret that allows us to serve our couples so well. I am the lead photographer, and we also have several additional photographers and assistants that work with us to help deliver the images you want.


Does every wedding include an engagement session? Yes. This is such an important element of the entire wedding experience. Every wedding includes a complimentary engagement session.

Do you travel? Yes

Is there flexibility in the location of my engagement session? Of course! It should be at a location that is important to you or that you like. We can definitely offer suggestions.

Personal Hobbies

My wife, Barbara, and I met in Kindergarten! We went to elementary, high school, and college together. We were married at 24, and now we have 3 amazing daughters. Both of us are musicians, and both of us enjoy fitness.

Additional Info

We work to make every wedding a unique experience. The story that is told is unique to every couple. Even if there is a space that we've been in many times, the people are different, the energy is different, the lights are different, and because of that, we see everything differently. That is what helps us tell your individual story.

We want you to open your wedding album and immediately be brought back to the moment.

We are not simply a service, but we truly aim to provide a unique experience while also creating artwork that you can be proud of now and even more proud when you sit with future generations down the road.

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