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Hello there Bride-To-Be,

My name is Nikki, I have been a hairstylist for 7 years, and am the owner of Sincerely Something Borrowed. Our company offers on-site hair and makeup services for NY + NJ + CT, and destination events upon request, for all formal events, with a specific focus on the wedding circuit.

Five years, of my seven year career, have been dedicated to perfecting my skills as a bridal hairstylist. After graduating with a NYS Cosmetology License in 2013, I worked with industry leaders such as Warren-Tricomi Salon, studied with Wella Hair, Goldwell, Sebastian Professionals, Oribé, Peter Coppola, R+Co, American Crew and several other product lines.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to open my own company, Sincerely Something Borrowed. I have continued to work at Renaissance Salon, located in East Quouge, NY, which I think of as my second home. In addition to running the on-site hair and makeup company full time, I work as a stylist/colorist during the week, and have since specialized in blonding and corrective color services.

We would love for you to choose us as your hair and makeup team for your wedding day. We would consider it an honor, and thank you for your interesting in using Sincerely Something Borrowed for your wedding day!

Lots of light and love! XO

Nikki Brenton

The Wedding Industry

I love the salon, but bridal is where my heart lies... as cheesy as that sounds. I personally find event styling so creatively fulfilling. There is nothing like seeing a transformation. It's kind of like painting, you start with a empty canvas and turn a blank space into art.

I also value the personal relationships we develop with brides. It's so special to be trusted by a bride, or really by anyone, not just with hair and makeup services, but with personal favors like creating a hair piece on the spot to replace a lost hair piece, missing veils, forgotten MOH speeches, retrieving shoes that were left in the hotel room, or a therapy session where someone plays with your hair, because who doesn't love that! I'm happy that people are able to rely on us for our professionalism, quality work, and integrity. We all love what we do, and are willing to go the extra mile.

I also find being a mentor to those that work with me very rewarding, all of the artists that work with me are fully licensed freelance artists. It's amazing to see their career growth and progress over time, and I value the relationships I've cultivated with my team. Together, we have created a safe, professional environment, where we are all free to pursue our career goals and learn from each other without the need to compete.

The Wedding Memories

One time a bride had pulled me aside, prior to her departure, to thank myself and the team. She had a bit of a rough day, and we had done our best to make it run smoothly for her, and the bridal party. With our efforts aside, it still wasn't a perfect day but it . We would like to say it's always rainbows and sunshine on a wedding day, but that's not always the way the cookie crumbles.

She privately expressed to me she felt as though she did not get get a say in a majority of the decision-making process for her wedding day.... Too many cooks in the kitchen, if you catch my drift. However, when it came to hair and makeup, she felt her opinion mattered to us and her voice was always heard. That meant the world to me, I was grateful to have made one of the most important days of her life at least a little easier. It's truly a gift to play a small role in such an important day, and see a bride's vision come to fruition.


Sincerely Something Borrowed specializes in natural bridal hair and makeup looks. It is so important that you feel comfortable and like yourself on your wedding day, but it is a special occasion! We aim to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, so you can confidently walk down the aisle in front of your closest friends and family. No pressure! :P

Company History

I'm sure you are wondering about the company name, Sincerely Something Borrowed, and where it comes here is a little history lesson. As a very dedicated Latin student of 4 years, occasionally class included a study of the etymology of words. Over time, one case study stuck with me in particular, and I always remembered it. The word 'sincere' comes from the Latin roots 'sin' – meaning without, and 'cere' – meaning wax. This reference goes back to an old tradition of wax sealing letters so the carrier would be unable to read the contents. Occasionally, letters would be signed 'sincerely', meaning there was complete confidence in the letter carrier being trustworthy enough not to read the note.

To circle back to the meaning behind the business name, each of our brides writes a letter to the next, which is opened on their wedding day. It usually has some kind words and thoughtful advice for the bride-to-be on their wedding day, to help quell the nerves, if any, and put an inquiring mind at ease.

As tradition would expect, the hand-written letter is not wax sealed, and delivered by us, sin – cerely, without – wax. And if you forgot your traditional 'something borrowed', fear not! We have you covered, the wisdom passed along in the letter written sincerely from our last bride can be your 'borrowed' advice. And so goes the name: Sincerely Something Borrowed!


How do I reserve my wedding date?

To reserve a wedding date, Sincerely Something Borrowed has a contract and deposit process. We place your date on a temporary hold after you have received the paperwork. During this time, we hold your wedding date to allow you to complete the paperwork and provide a deposit to us. Once we receive both items, your wedding date is reserved!

When should I book my hair and makeup trial?

We normally recommend booking hair and makeup trials 6-12 months before your event, especially if you plan to use it for an event like your bridal shower bachelorette, etc. to ensure we have availability.

Can I book my hair and makeup trial together?

Of course! In fact, we recommend this option so you can see your complete look.

Are hair and makeup trials scheduled on-site or at the salon?

We have both on-site and in-salon options for scheduling hair and makeup trials. On-site hair and makeup trials may have a travel fee, depending on the location.

Do we require a minimum number of people per bridal party?

We do not require a minimum number of individuals to reserved a time slot for your wedding day. We do however have a different service rate if we are providing services for a bride with less than 3 bridal party members.

Personal Hobbies

In addition to pursing my professional aspirations as a hairstylist and business owner, I am also a student at Stony Brook University. Here, I am completing a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, with my disciple being evolution and ecology. I am a lover of all things pertaining to cats and coffee! In my free time, I like to travel, and am a PADI certified scuba diver. I also have a strong affinity for hand written letters, polaroid photos, and will save every birthday card ever given to me, because I'm a sucker for anything of sentimental nature.

BOLI Love!

Had my hair trial yesterday with Nikki Brenton from Sincerely Something Borrowed. I have so much hair but she absolutely nailed the look I was going for! 
Jennifer T.
I messaged Nikki of Sincerely Something Borrowed from Instagram and she was honestly just a breath of fresh air. She has been so amazing with her responses & being flexible in her scheduling & honestly she was just so chill to be around. She didn’t rush me at all & tried a few different styles. I wanted a boho style & I feel like she killed them! I highlyyyy recommend her for your wedding day hair ! Also her prices are super reasonable which I feel like is hard to find on Long Island. 
Kamryn S.
SSB was the ultimate dream vendor!! Nikki was an absolute PLEASURE to chat with throughout the whole wedding planning process! She was SO organized and super informative, answering all my questions quickly and throughly! I searched around for make-up artists for our wedding, and spoke to a few, but after speaking to Nikki, it was a done deal! My wife and I had double the amount of faces (total of 13 people needing make-up) and Nikki was quick to give us the total cost, an outline of what everyone needed, if anyone had allergies, the style of make-up we were looking for, scheduling our make-up trial, sending updated itineraries when our wedding day timeline changed, what we could expect the morning of… just everything!! Im a very organized person, so having someone like Nikki honestly felt like I was just chatting with a close friend! Our lead make-up artist Hana, WAS A DREAM!! I'm vegan and have sensitive skin, and she was so knowledgable about what products were vegan, which ones wouldn’t irritate my skin, and she made me feel comfortable and freaking beautiful! She was an amazing addition to Nikki. And our other make-up artists on our wedding day were a joy! Seriously just felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends, they blended into our group effortlessly! And everyone looked incredible!!! They truly just made all our favorite people look like the best version of themselves! Long Island Brides- Book Sincerely Something Borrowed!! They were my #1 favorite vendor, and they will be yours too!!
Pamela R.

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