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Robert & Mara have known each other for over 20 years. Mara married Robert's best friend and they have been friends ever since. They both went to nursing school at the same time and when Robert wanted to open this IV Infusion company he knew Mara was the final piece to the puzzle. 

The Wedding Industry

We know planning for a wedding can be super stressful! Trying to appease everyone's wants and desires while trying to make the event about YOU! We wanted to help make it about you. Providing the energy boost, stress reliever, or whatever else your heart desires. Giving you an hour of time to be taken care of with no interruptions. 

The Wedding Memories

Obviously our favotire memory is our own weddings! But our most memoriable IV Infusion memory is going to the stunning Oheka Castle in Suffolk County and providing 18 IVs to the wedding party while they were getting hair, make up, and pictures done. Happened pre-COVID but we still talk about it. 


We specialize in health & wellness. While we do provide treatment for hangovers and stomach bugs, we want to focus on the whole you. We are all busy and stressed and struggle with work life balance. RxIV Infusion creates different blends of vitamins and electrolytes to give your system the boost it needs. 

Company History

We started the company during the height of COVID. We both work in a hospital during COVID and we knew there had to be a way to provide treatment in people's home so they could avoid coming to the hospital. This is how RxIV Infusions was born. We named our company this to keep is simple - Rx because Mara our Nurse Practitioner provides a prescription to our nurses to provide treatment and IV Infusions, well you guessed it, we provide IV Infusions :). We hope to continue to spread the word about our company and educate everyone that this service is available and you can avoid the hospital and paying those high co-pays and deductibles. 


How long does the IV take?

On average our IV takes about 45-60 minutes.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time, these services are not covered by insurance. 

What kind of training does your staff have?

We are all experienced Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners with a background in critical care or emergency medicine.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on fluid and vitamins when I can get them at my local drug store?

This is a great question. Our IVs go straight into the blood stream allowing for maximum absorbtion. When you take medication by mouth, your body has to break it down and you extrete over 50% of what you takein. 

Personal Hobbies

When Mara and Robert are not busy saving lives and doing IVs they love to lounge around by the pool and hang with their family. They love the outdoors, whether its hiking, working out, or doing an endurance event. But ultimately, as cliche as it sounds, they truly love providing treatment to their clients and patients and see the improvement right before their eyes. 

Additional Info

Check out our social media page at RxIV Infusions to see the latest deals and happenings. 

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