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I am Mimoza Kokaras and I’m the founder of Royal Backdrops. Ever since I can remember, design has been a huge part of my life and I’m very fortunate that I get to share that with each and every one of you on your big day. I’m a Capricorn and just as you can imagine I’m full of energy, very hands on and there is no limitations when it comes to making your wedding spectacular. I’m loyal by nature and will have your best interest at heart long after your wedding day. We strive to give you that luxury experience you have always envisioned, from ceremony décor, to reception dais design, to installing the dance floor of your dreams.

The Wedding Industry

Royal Backdrops started with my own wedding. When I first got engaged, I had a vision of how I wanted my wedding ceremony and reception to look like and I had no idea how to find a vendor who can bring those ideas to life. The David Tutera transformation was all I could dream about and I was determined to learn all that I could to make it possible. I have always had a love for design and passion for lavish fabrics so it began by finding out the best fabric supplier and learning how to sew. Without any hesitation I left no stone unturned until I found all the items needed to create my very own dream wedding. From ceremony drapes, hanging crystals, personalized runner, reception backdrop, handpicked table linens, and having silk napkins made to create my vision. I can honestly say that I still get butterflies when I think of that moment we walked into the venue and saw the final product. That moment where all the centerpieces were on the table, the napkins were beautifully folded, the room was dimmed, the candles were lit, and the up lighting was beautiful reflecting on the backdrop. All I could do was cry out of pure joy and excitement. I knew right there and then that I wanted to relive that moment with other brides. I wanted them to feel exactly how I had felt walking into the room. Without hesitation I can honestly say that the room reveal with our couple is by far my absolute favorite part of being a wedding designer.

The Wedding Memories

I have had the most amazing opportunity to work with some incredible couples from all ages and all walks of life. The one thing that every one of my couples has in common is that they are in the best phase of their lives. They are in love; they have met their soul mate and want to spend the rest of their lives together. The energy they present as a couple is the most empowering and uplifting felling for me. It’s not one specific memory that comes to mind but many beautiful moments combined from the time we first meet to the first look on their wedding day. It’s that energy they leave behind that is the most heartfelt and memorable moment.


Royal Backdrops specializes in backdrop set ups for your dais table, ceremony décor, dance floor installations, and dais furniture rentals. We strive to combine our couple’s unique style with our experienced design skills to bring a vision to life. Sometimes through inspirational pictures or PowerPoint design, we are able to give our bride a clear image of what’s to come on their wedding day. When meeting with a bride we pride ourselves in not only creating a unique experience for their wedding day but leaving them with everlasting wonderful memories of the entire process. Our mission is not only creating memories but to build a long-term relationship where we are a part of many future family celebrations such as baby showers, Christening, 1st Birthday parties, Sweet 16’s, bar/ bat mitzvah and more.

Company History

Royal Backdrops is a business that was started based on the love for weddings and event design. I truly had no knowledge or experience on what it took to be in the event industry. It was through deep passion, endless hours of research, dedication, blood, sweat and tears that we were here today. I truly pride on the fact that we are self-taught. When it comes to design for me the sky is the limit and with the help of my husband’s handy and creative skills, and our talented all girls team we are able to bring those visions to life. The name Royal Backdrops was something that has resonated with me because I felt that every couple should feel a sense of royalty on their wedding day and no better place to feel royalty other than when you are sitting at your dais table, hence Royal Backdrops. Backdrops have always been my love and even though our business has expanded in other areas I have always remained true to it.

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