Years of Design Experience Married to a Passion for Weddings!

Hi, I'm Stephanie, the creative woman behind Robedee Design.

At Robedee Design, we create custom wedding invitations in Long Island that beautifully capture the elements of each couple’s one-of-a-kind style, and wedding day vision. We understand what’s important to couples and will work with you every step of the way to ensure your final wedding invitation suite captures your wedding day.

As we work together to bring your vision to life, we strive to make the wedding invitation process as personalized and stress-free as possible. Many brides will share inspiration, colors and more. Creating your custom wedding invitations completely from scratch makes our hearts happy!

Happy wedding planning and congratulations on your journey to forever We can’t wait to help you create and plan your special day.

The Wedding Industry

I fell in love with the wedding industry, and wedding invitations while planning my own wedding many moons ago! There is something so special about creating a custom design, choosing from so many fun papers, wax seals, typography and more, that made my heart happy!

The Wedding Memories

A couple had written each other letters to be opened on their one-year anniversary. During the couple's wedding ceremony, while lighting the candles, somehow one of the letters lit on fire... and the officiant quickly blew it out! The couple started laughing... it was talked about for years.


Custom Wedding Invitation Design - Share your colors, look & feel, style, wedding day elements and more. During a design consultation, we look at invitations, paper stocks, printing methods, typography, wax seals, and more to craft your custom design.

Venue Illustrations - A special way to capture your wedding day and wedding venue.
Custom line illustrations are hand drawn!

Stress-Free, Fun Experience :)

Company History

Robedee Design is pronounced "Ro-bid-ee" Design: an ode to my maiden name and family heritage!


How do I know how many invitations to order?
Take a look at your guest list and determine how many households need invitations. The general rule of thumb is: one per couple, one per single, one per family. Then, add 10-20 for extra invitations.

How do we make it clear who is and who is not invited?
The outer mailing envelope should clearly include each guest name. Additionally, a line of copy can be added to your response card indicating the number of guests. And, some couples love to print guest names on the response card.

Personal Hobbies

I love running and bike riding. I love adventuring with my son... taking rides out east and enjoying Love Lane Kitchen... mini golfing... pool and beach... board games... and traveling! I love fresh flowers and sunny days... summer and fall are my favorite seasons.

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