Hello, my name is Jessica and I am the owner and head wedding planner at REVEL ABLOOM + CO, a boutique wedding planning company. First I would like to say congratulations on your engagement!! And explain a little bit about what we do and what we can provide you with!

From the very beginning, I built REVEL ABLOOM + CO with heart and the true definition of the boutique experience in our core values. The boutique experience is all about dedication, focus, and commitment to each and every client we work with. Not just providing a hassle-free planning experience, but a memorable one. It means being there beyond the moments we are supposed to be there for. A chat at 9 PM when you are hit by a barrage of inspiration on Instagram, or a quick text during the day to let us know you've made some decisions. With us, you won't be waiting weeks for a planned meeting because your service package only includes a specific amount of logistical meetings. We never limit the amount of correspondence we have with our clients. This is our commitment to you. We take an enriched client-centric approach to planning your wedding, with your vision at the core of every decision to custom-tailor each detail so it perfectly embodies you and your story as a couple.

To me, being apart of such a special affair is an honor. With REVEL ABLOOM + CO, you are not just retaining a planner, but someone you can laugh with and feel comfortable to be honest with. We will guide you through the planning process by bringing together not only all of the logistics, but also using our attention to detail, listening ear, and execution, to allow you to savor your engagement AND your wedding!

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory would have to be my first as a coordinator. It wasn't planned, I was actually supposed to be shadowing another planner. The couple had their ceremony off-site, so I arrived early to set up the reception. When the couple was about 15 minutes from our venue, the planner had an emergency and needed to leave immediately, and I was going to have to jump into the coordinator role. When the couple arrived, I broke the news about their planner not being available. Of course they were upset. I handed each of them their preferred drinks and brought them some food so we turn the mood around. The wedding party went to mingled at the cocktail party while the newly weds took their pictures. After, I rallied the wedding party for their introductions into the reception. The couple and their wedding party were all performers and avid theater lovers, so the timeline consisted of performances with multiple music and lighting cues. When it was finally time to announce the plated dinner portion, my vision was blurry (but we were right on schedule!) Once all the formalities were over, and the night was winding down, the newly wed's pulled me aside. The groom couldn't believe how I was able to jump in and make their night so special. Their reception was everything they envisioned and they couldn't be happier! The feeling I got as they said their thank you was indescribable and will stay with me forever.

Before that day, I oversaw many weddings, set them up, broke them down, assisted on planning a few weddings, spoke with other experienced planners, on top of hundreds of hours of research and countless books. Trying to grasp every single aspect of a wedding, so there would never be any detail I couldn't provide my future couples. But none of that preparation matters unless you can handle being in the throes of a wedding. When you have a server asking you a question about the menu, while the maid of honor needs help with her ripped dress before her speech, and the bride is looking for the special hair piece she wanted to wear while dancing. That was the moment I knew I was going to do this for the rest of my life. And I have never looked back!


Here at REVEL ABLOOM + CO, we love what we do! We work alongside you or on your behalf to ensure every thought, detail, or fragment of your imagination comes to life for you and your guests! From coordination to full service planning, we handle all different capacities of planning needs. We can encompass all aspects of your wedding from invites to your newly wed exit or just be there to tie up loose ends and bring your wedding day to fruition!

Executing a memorable wedding stands on the foundation of planning with purpose, intention and precise logistics. The systems we have implemented, bolster clear communication and streamline the workflow in each step of every phase, providing you with comprehensive support and expert planning throughout the process. For some, this means collaborating on all decisions and details. For others, it means kicking back and relaxing, knowing we are completing tasks, checking items off checklists, and advancing through milestones of the planning process.

REVEL ABLOOM + CO specializes in:

- Full Wedding Planning Services (This happens to be our favorite!)

- Partial Planning Services

- Month of Coordination

- Off-Site Wedding Planning Services (This is for planning a wedding in a raw space. For example, a backyard wedding, in a tent, barn, or venue that requires you to bring everything in from catering, decor, beverages and bar service, etc.)


Q. - I have family and friends willing to help me plan my wedding, why should I hire a planner instead of planning it with them?

A. - Enlisting your friends and family to plan your wedding can be an overwhelming task even for the well organized. The average person spends about 528 hours planning a wedding. But the main question you want to ask yourself is, 'Do you want to spend your wedding day with the most important people in your life, or would you rather them coordinate your wedding?'

The issue is your family and friends will focus on making sure your day is perfectly executed and won't be able to celebrate your wedding as an honorary guest. As someone who has been a bridesmaid while coordinating the wedding, I can say, I was never able to be fully present. Even in the moments I didn't have tasks, my mind was always going down the list of what had to be done or what was to come next. It's usually the closest to you that you can entrust to plan your wedding, but those are also the people you want by your side. If you do decide to plan your wedding or have the people around you help, I suggest reserving a coordinator for the day of. This way, everyone can enjoy the end of your engagement and your wedding!

Q. - How many events do you take on per day?

A. - We never take on two events in one day, in fact, we only take on one wedding per week. This is one of our hallmarks that sets us apart from other wedding planners. As a boutique wedding planning company our focus is on you. That includes the week leading up to your special day. We make sure to be completely accessible to you prior to your wedding. Whether it is to take care of a last minute emergency, a late night call to put your worries at bay, or simply getting some of the decor to the venue early. We are completely dedicated to you and your wedding.

Q. - What if I don't see exactly what I am looking for in one service package?

A. - No worries, we are here to help! Once we are in touch, we will send you a quick questionnaire, in order to learn more about your vision and what is important to you. Then, we will meet for a complimentary consultation. At the consultation, we will discuss your wedding and planning needs, as well as, answer any questions you have about our process and services. After learning more about your needs, we will determine if a particular service is a good fit for you, or if we need to put together a customized service to meet your expectations.

Q. - What is a cloud-based workspace portal?

A. - REVEL ABLOOM + CO provides all our clients with a system that has all the tools and features needed to collaborate and streamline the entire planning process. It is cloud-based, meaning it is managed on a remote server through the internet so you can login from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet, 24/7. The workspace has a Master Checklist, Timeline, Wedding Website Creator, and Design Studio where we can collaborate on your style and decor options. A Guest Manager tool which tracks sent invitations, guest information, RSVPs, and notable accommodations.

Q. - What is the difference between Day-of-Coordinator and Month-of-Corrdination?

A. - Month of coordination is really the proper title for the task. Picture spending months, most likely at least a year, planning your wedding. You've thought of every detail for the design, vetting tons of vendors for each element, spending hours arranging your seating chart, timeline, the ceremony, and having someone come in just a couple days prior to your wedding, and attempt to retain all that information. What happens when they forget an important detail or can't catch a misstep because they weren't thoroughly familiar with your wedding plans to begin with? Wedding Coordinators have always met with couples a few weeks prior to their wedding to coordinate all the final details, but referred to this service as Day of Coordination, because that is the main objective. We review your plans and address any possible issues or oversights, compile the timeline, keeping the ceremony and reception on track, ensuring everything goes as planned. Allowing you to enjoy the final days of your engagement as well as being present at your wedding.
**If you reserve our Month of Coordination Service at least six months in advance from the date of your wedding, we will immediately provide you with our workspace portal, so you have all the tools and features needed to plan your wedding all in one place!

Q. - My venue already has an in-house coordinator, why do I need a planner?

A. - Your venue coordinator is there to help you with all things that pertain to the venue, and will most likely hand you a list of recommended vendors, but they do not help you pick which ones are right for you and your vision or navigate the planning process. The best example I can give you is a wedding planner is there to help curate the guest list, and help you create your seating arrangement with your floor plan, where an in-house coordinator hands you the venue's floor plan and you have to create the seating arrangement yourself.

Personal Hobbies

When I am not working, you can usually find me with my family. Whether it is playing corn hole, wiffle ball, BBQs, dinner, and Football Sundays (especially Fantasy!!). I am a huge music and movie buff (attempting to play a trivia game with me, my sister, and dad isn't even fun for anyone else.) My Fiancé and I love to go to the beach and walk the docks, throw the football around, and catch the sunset.

Additional Info

Let's get together and discuss what you have envisioned so far! Our planning process starts with a complimentary consultation, either in person or remote! We will send you a quick questionnaire that can help you understand what is most important to you and help us get to know you a little better before our consultation!


To create a solid foundation we'll do a deep dive during the consultation, so we can understand your priorities, and what traditions, aesthetics, and details you value most. Then we'll define a budget with reasonable parameters to achieve that vision. We'll take all the inspiration you've collected and those secret Pinterest boards you've created to understand what you like and get all those ideas going in the same direction! After your consultation, we will put together a customized service proposal, and start putting together an outline and checklist for the planning of your dream wedding!

One of your first assignments is creating your login and password for our workspace portal with a tutorial we will walk you through so you can see all the features and tools you will have at your disposal during our work together!

Our planning workspace is a cloud-based software, meaning you can access it from anywhere at any time. It is the ultimate system for the entire wedding planning experience! This suite of tools and features provide easy collaboration and accelerates the workflow. The workspace will house the Master Checklist we create for you which breaks down every planning segment into chronological periods of time. You will have access to your Master Timeline, vendor contact information, contracts, documents, and a calendar you can sync to your favorite application! There is a budgeting tool with a spending management feature, a Wedding Website Creator, a Design Studio where we will create your wedding mood-board and store all of your decor, tablescape and attire ideas, the Guest Manager where we will be able to track RSVPS, notate accommodations, Thank You's, and curate your seating arrangement, as well as a ton of other tools and features!

Our workspace portal helps us guide you, creating portion control so you never feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand!

To learn more about our workspace portal and our planning process, please visit our website or give us a call!

We at REVEL ABLOOM + CO would be delighted to be by your side for one of the most exciting times in your life and can't wait to have a conversation with you about it!

verb - /rev-uhl/
1. to take great pleasure or delight.
2. to make merry; indulge in boisterous festivities.

adverb - /ə 'blōōm/
1. covered in flowers.
2. amongst the flowers.

revel abloom
1. to take great pleasure or delight in festivities with dancing amongst flowers.


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  • One Event at a Time
  • On-Site Day of Coordinator

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I was looking for a wedding planner and ended up with a great friend! Three sentences does not do Jess and her team enough justice, she is true and is exactly the person she first came across as. She is efficient, honest, dedicated , funny, extremely hard working, and most importantly to me just has amazing energy and a great vibe. Can’t say enough great things , my day was PERFECT! Thank you Revel Abloom and Co.!!!
Torie L.

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