reactIVate was founded by two emergency room registered nurses in 2022. After working the frontlines of the pandemic, we realized how much of a need for IV hydration and vitamin infusions there was to keep people healthy and limit the need to visit the ER or primary care offices. Our IV drips were specially formulated by our RN's and staff MD for efficacy, safety and satisfaction. Whether you want to maintain your health & wellness, need a vitamin boost for pre or post-op procedures before your big day, if you feel sick or hungover, or just a healthy alternative to bachelor/bachelorette weekend activities- we have the IV for you! Visit our website for all of our premade drips or customize your own! We can't wait to drip with you!

The Wedding Industry

As we have been bridesmaids many times, we have been to our share of bachelorette parties and weddings, where halfway through the weekend we all needed a pick me up and a way to relieve that big day stress and keep the festivities going! ReactIVate IV hydration & vitamin infusions can be a fun, new, innovative idea to keep you healthy and maintain the energy needed to get through your big day. Whether it be a bachelor/bachelorette party or pre/post wedding drip- we can't wait to reactIVate you for your big day!

The Wedding Memories

Our favorite memories are the ones we are going to create with you! :)


IV hydration and vitamin infusions, 100% mobile- we come to you! We can help you enjoy the most of your bachelor/bachelorette party weekend or provide the nutrients pre and post wedding to make you feel as good as you look! We also travel to Fire Island, Montauk & the Hamptons for all your needs!

Company History

Jenna & Allisan are two RN's from Long Island that are looking to help you feel your best during the stressful times of wedding planning! With over 10 years combined nursing experience, with the last 5 being emergency medicine, we are fully licensed & trained to provide you with an IV vitamin infusion in the comfort of your own home, hotel, office, vacation rental, etc. These drips can be done prophylactically to maintain wellness or if you are not feeling yourself. ReactIVate wants to take the stress out of your big day by providing the nutrients you need to keep going! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but we can make it not feel as so!

Additional Info

Group discounts available for 6+ groups, with even further discounts for the bride & groom!
Fully licensed in NY, NJ, CT and FL.


  • Liability Insurance
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