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Hello Brides + Grooms of LI!

My name is Brittany and I am a 27-year old graphic designer, printer, installer, creator and innovator. I have been running a printing company with my partner since the pandemic where we do all types of promotional work for small and local businesses across the Island including banners, storefront vinyl, posters, invitations, stickers/labels and much more. Last November, my cousin had asked me to cut out names in vinyl using my machinery for her wedding seating chart which she were to adhere herself on a large glass display. Thankfully, she did a great job (it's harder than it looks!) and after seeing the finished product, I knew that this was something I wanted to invest my time and energy in and work towards a goal of creating a brand for myselfand producing Custom Event Signage full-time. I've always had creative blood, and take pride in my keen eye to design detail. My background in graphic design along with my already established print/design equipment and space is what sets me apart from other signage vendors and is what allows me to create one-of-a-kind and personalized work for my brides including custom photo art transfers and simplistic line art decals. I look very forward to working with you and helping produce your very own personalized signage for your big day!

The Wedding Industry

What I love most about being in the wedding industry thus far is the uniqueness of each event. With each wedding, comes a completely different couple with completely different and unique visions, tastes, and opinions than the next. This is what I love about doing what I do. I make it my mission to achieve the vision each of my clients foresee, and then some. Each wedding is a one-of-a-kind event, so I always ensure the quality, design, and service of my signage business are held to that same standard and encompasses a one-of-a-kind experience.


Though I have a background in graphic design, I specialize in photo art transfers. When I have a client who wants a particular photo or custom graphic reflected either with their Welcome Message/Seating Chart, or by itself, the process is not an easy one and it definitely took more than a few trial-and-errors to perfect. I take the most pride in my photo art transfers becuase though it is such an intricate/tedious process and took a lot of patience to learn, it is a unique piece of art that helps paint a literal picture to each couple's story and adds an elegant and distinctive flair to any wedding display.

Company History

The background of my company is an interesting one, because I never really had the intention of starting or doing anything like this until I got asked to do so. I never honestly knew I had the ability to do anything like this until I did my first seating chart for my cousin's wedding. Little did she know, she had opened up the door to this entirely new world to me and newfound ambition and career shift to do event signage full-time. I hope to be doing this full-time in a few years from now (with a couple more employees and help lol) and have enough clients to be doing a wedding every weekend.


A few of the frequently asked Q & A's I get are:

1-Do I keep my mirror or glass display?

No, I do not give my larger mirror and glass displays to keep. These are rentals only. All acrylic pieces are yours to keep including Table # signs, Signature Drink signs and larger acrylic displays.

2- Can I supply my own mirror/glass display? 

The answer is yes! If you aren't in love with any of our Mirror/Glass Rentals or Acrylic Signage, you're more than welcome to provide your own. The display surface must be either glass, mirror, or acrylic. Pricing varies based on the square footage of the application area.

3-Do you provide delivery/pick up services?

Yes, I do! I offer delivery and pick up to and from events on Long Island only. Your rental item(s) will be wrapped appropriately, protected and transported with extreme care & caution. Delivery & pick up does come at an additional cost. Pricing varies based on the milage from my Bohemia location to your drop off/pick up location.

4-When do I need to provide the guest list for a seating chart sign?

I completely understand the later the better for brides, when it comes to seating chart production. Especially with Covid, I realized that guests will cancel all the time at the last minute, things come up, emergencies happen, I get it! I give my brides about 1.5-2 weeks [at the most] before their wedding date to send over their FINALIZED guest list. Once the list is sent over, I superimpose each guest's name in the order/style agreed upon prior, onto the display of your choice for you to revise, make any changes if necessary, and approve before the list is cut & applied.

5-For photo decals, can I send a selfie?

I would not recommend a selfie-type of photo for for photo decals, especially if you want a line art style. Photos taken afar work and look the best!

Personal Hobbies

I am a HUGE dog lover, so I spend most of my free time with my 4-year old chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund mix) Paco! And yes, I always take the opportunity to say 'chiweenie' anytime I get asked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I'm not with him, I am most likely binge-watching a love-based reality show or horror movie/series on Neflix, Hulu or HBO. I also love to cook and watch the Food Network almost every night when I come home from work. And lastly, I enjoy working out, am pretty active at the gym in the early mornings and very unpopular opinion...I enjoy running and would consider it one of my forms of therapy.

BOLI Love!

Brittany did everything for my daughters wedding and it was so beautiful! Really helped tie together all the small details and some big statement pieces too. Loved her work and she made my daughter so happy! She is so creative.

Arlene E.

Amazing work, so detailed and quality is always outstanding. A pleasure to work with and a quick turn around. Will recommend to everyone I know.

Thomas M.

Brittany at MS Creations is amazing and so is her work! She cares so deeply about making sure you get exactly what you want and you can really tell how much she loves what she’s doing as well. She did all the signage and detailed printing for my wedding and I couldn’t ask for anything more! I recommend her to everyone looking for prints of any kind. The absolute best!

Heather F.

From beginning to end, Brittany was such a pleasure to work with. She truly brought my vision to life and I couldn’t have been more happy with the final product. I felt so comfortable and stress free knowing Brittany would do exactly what I asked for. Brittany is extremely reliable, quick at responding, and very talented. I highly recommend Brittany and will definitely use her in the future!

Ashley A.

I ordered a mirror for my wedding seating chart from Brittany and the product was everything I dreamed of! She was very professional and quick to respond. It was a pleasure working with her.

Sarah O.

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