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Hello ladies of BOLI! I’m Michael Lopacki, owner and lead photographer of Michael John Photography! I’m a fun, outgoing and passionate photographer who truly loves what I do! I believe in romance, true love and enjoying life to it’s fullest. I’ve been a photographer for the past 12 years and truly love weddings and helping my clients have the best wedding experience they could ever imagine. From our first conversation to the big day, to when you pick up your album, I believe in a complete hands approach and will give you the most genuine and unique experience I can. From making the Grooms feel at ease to ensuring mom that I will get her that group shot no matter what it takes. In the end though nothing comes before my brides, you are and always will be the force behind what I do. Your nerves, your excitement, your tears the day of and the first time you see your pictures, I will be there for you to to lean on when you have a question and I will be the one to calm you when things aren’t going exactly as planned. Brides you are the ones who have made me the wedding photographer I am today.

The Wedding Industry

I was introduced by a friend into the wedding industry and fell in love immediately! I tell my clients and friends who ask me what I love about my job that it’s the only job people are happy 99% of the time. I love the feeling I get when I know my brides and grooms have had the best time of their lives and I was a big part in making that happen for them.

The Wedding Memories

Every couple is special to me and stands out in their own way, whether it be an amazing speech, to a truly touching moment in a father daughter first look. Each wedding has something that always sticks with me that I never forget. I always love when I see a couple at an event a few years later or when we chat after the wedding and I tell them about that moment that stood out to me. Some of them lead to huge laughs while others lead to whole hearted tears. Every couple is unique in their own way and I look forward to capturing that unique moment with you.


This is simple I’m a wedding photographer though and through. I’m versed in all forms of photography from photojournalism to portraiture. I use all different techniques for all different situations, do you want light and airy, I do that, do you like drama, I can provide some, do you like fun natural candid shots, you bet I do. From the first shot of make up touch ups to the last kiss on the dance floor I’m there to capture all the moments and organic reactions that happen through out your day. What my main specialty is though is making my couples happy and making sure the experience I give them was amazing and memorable.

Company History

I first began in the wedding industry 12 years ago as a video assistant and had no idea what I was getting into! After a few weddings they asked me to try shooting some photos. After that night I was told I have an eye. Before the first year of assisting I was already shooting as a second photographer and in less than two years I was was shooting 70-80 weddings a year for a prominent wedding studio and was their lead photographer for 9 years. During the pandemic I finally started my own company and am not looking back. I love the wedding industry and the people in it from the vendors to venues and to all the wonderful clients I have worked with over the years. I want to make MJL Photography a name that resonates throughout the industry as one that has integrity, respect and is known for giving their couples the best experience they have ever had at a wedding.

Personal Hobbies

The list used to be a bit longer until I had my first little one this past year and she has been my main focus outside of work, having a baby is hard! Besides that though I love going to plays, movies and concerts. I also love family time, it’s very important to me and is the driving force in my life. Going out to a nice dinner is always a favorite of mine as well, Nothing like a delicious night out at Maninos in Oakdale! Comedy and laughing though are always at the forefront for me, I love to make people laugh, it’s makes my couples feel more comfortable.

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