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Hello, bride! My name is Alexandra and I am a professional bridal makeup artist based on Long Island, NY. I am here to create the bridal look of your dreams while also providing you with the finest customer service. Not only am I passionate about the art of makeup, but I find the art of communication to be so important in the world of beauty. With a BA in psychology, I am very much a people person and it is my priority to make your experience as exciting, fun, and stress-free as humanly possible! I have 12 years under my (brush) belt as a makeup artist in the bridal industry and I have found that the best way to for us to achieve your dream bridal glam is to communicate. I know makeup can be an intimidating subject for most brides- I mean, come on, it’s your FACE on your wedding day! Whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or you don’t even have the slightest idea, once you are in my chair, you will feel relieved, relaxed and like you are talking to a friend. We will go over everything from skin care and types of makeup applications to your concerns, your goals, your likes and dislikes and hey, you can even vent to me about any bridal stress- I am at your disposal when it comes to anything bridal. I will be sure that you leave my chair not only looking absolutely beautiful, but feeling like the queen that you are!

The Wedding Industry

Being a part of the wedding industry is not for the weak- it is built for those who have heart, soul, patience and passion for what they do as a bridal vendor. Nothing makes me happier than making a bride feel and look the most beautiful they have ever felt without taking away from their natural beauty; we are here to enhance, not take away! I love everything about a bride's big day- the rush, the excitement, the bond, meeting new people and making the bride feel at total peace. I always leave a bridal party feeling genuinely happy for my bride and feeling like I connected with everyone in her presence.


My specialties are eyes and making the skin look flawless without pounding on the coverage. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing a glam eye, a nice amount of lash and a soft, dewy complexion! I also happen to be a "wing" connoisseur if you're into that trend- I LOVE me a wing that is cut-through-anything sharp! If you choose to go this route, your wing will be nothing less than *perfect*.


Q: What is the difference between Airbrush and Traditional Makeup?
A: The main difference is the way the product is applied. Airbrush makeup is foundation that is filtered through an air gun, which disperses in the form of a fine mist that sits on top of the skin. This makeup application is great for those who do not like a heavy makeup application; the application is lightweight, transfer proof and water-resistant. The best skin types for airbrush are normal to combination. Traditional makeup is foundation that is applied with a brush or sponge which is worked into the skin to create a skin-like finish. Both options are amazing and will last you all day and night!

Q: Do you offer individual lashes?
A: I sure do! As a matter of fact, I use individuals 99% of the time. They are lighter than a standard strip lash and they allow me to create any look you want! Are you looking for something natural and wispy? Perfect! Are you looking to feel like you can fly away when you blink? You got it! Are you looking for something in between natural and dramatic? Let's do it! Either way, you will not feel like you are wearing a thing on those precious eyes of yours!

Q: Do you offer packages?
A: Not at this time but am working on something for the future! ;)

Q: Do you offer to stay/travel for touchups at the venue?
A: Absolutely! I charge an hourly rate for this service.

Personal Hobbies

When I am not doing makeup, I fill my time by being around my family and friends. Nothing brings me more joy than being social- whether I am out at a restaurant eating great food, grabbing a quick drink at a bar or gathered at the family table playing games and enjoying each others company, I am the happiest when I am surrounded by those I love.

Additional Info

All of my brides receive a touchup kit as well as a lip gloss or lipstick of their choice for them to keep. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will come between you and your gorgeous face- I am here to make sure of that!


  • On-Site Ceremony
  • On-Site After Party Location
  • One Event at a Time

BOLI Love!

Makeup by Alexandra was phenomenal. My best friends decided to throw a surprise sushi party the night before that lasted very late. With that and the excitement, I only slept 2 hrs but thanks to makeup and Alex’s skills you can hardly tell.
Mariel L.

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