We're a Long Island, New York based Wedding and Event Photography Studio. We’ve photographed a wide variety of events, all in search of that special moment. The perfect day begins with you; your originality, taste, and style inspire everything we do. We will be illustrating your love story through our lenses, providing you with a collection of images that look and feel as authentic as your love. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a consultation and learn more.

The Wedding Industry

I initially got into the wedding industry because it's an exciting and rewarding world to be a part of. Being able to capture a couple's love as they begin their life journey together never gets old. The laughs and tears on their special day become priceless memories as they reflect back on those who celebrated with them. My favorite part has to be delivering the final product to the client. Hearing their feedback on how much I helped make their special day effortless, makes it all worth it.


Intimate Weddings 60-150 Guests

Company History

The company was founded in 2017. I realized that wedding photography was what I truly enjoyed and that's when Li Party Photos was created. The future looks bright as I look forward to continuing serving the Brides of Long Island.

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