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Hi! My name is Joanna Smith and I'm the owner and calligrapher of Letter Crafted Ink. Since I was a kid, I was always complimented on my neat handwriting. Now it's years later and I'm beyond happy that I get to help create beautiful moments for other people. My current services include creating custom handmade signage and hand engraving glass, metal, or stone. Signage includes acrylic, mirror, wood, welcome signs, seating charts (my fav!), table numbers, bar signs. You name it, I can make it! Some special hand engraving pieces include perfume or cologne personalization for your special day.

The Wedding Industry

My spark to pursue calligraphy as a business was ignited when my sister asked me to create some pieces for her wedding in 2018. I had the honors of writing out the escort cards, and some custom signage pieces. Being at the wedding and seeing those pieces "in action" made me fall in love with the magic of weddings. Everything being cohesive with each other really elevated the aesthetic. When I work on wedding signage, each time I hope to recreate that experience for your guests.

The Wedding Memories

My favorite personal wedding memory was creating a sign for the special honors table to acknowledge the special people in our family who passed away and were not there physically but will always be remembered. My Dad passed away when I was younger and this was an incredibly special moment. From a professional standpoint, my favorite moment was actually an engagement. I received a message to create a sign that would be part of a proposal. This was one of my first projects as a business and reminded me how grateful I am that I can have a role in big life moments that people would be sharing together.


For calligraphy, I specialize in welcome signs, seating charts or escort cards, aisle signs, chalkboard signs. I offer mirror rentals as well. For engraving, I specialize in personalizing perfume, cologne, or glass beverage bottles. These are most commonly wedding day scents or gifts.

Personal Hobbies

As a previous gymnast and competitive gymnastics coach, I still enjoy staying active through going to the gym and taking yoga classes. I often leave the TV on in the background (typically Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, or Million Dollar Listing) when I'm practicing or working on calligraphy projects. I love attending outdoor concerts in the summer and enjoying an acai bowl sitting by the water.

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