I was born and raised in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.  I nurtured a passion for arts, creativity and style at a young age.  When I was old enough I moved to Sydney and took in all that this cosmopolitan city could offer. 

After a many years living in that wonderful city, I met the love of my life. A great story if you ever want to hear it. :) Alas, he is an American so a decision on a location had to be made. I decided to pack up and move to an even larger wonderful city and marry. During this time I was finding my direction and started using my creativity and art painting faces. This was a remarkable moment for me as I knew this is what I wanted to do but didn't know how great it would be. I studied and became certified in facial artistry at a leading Long Island beauty institute. Then 'Jesella Beauty' was born. Now, in its 12th year,  it is going wonderfully and I continue to learn and attend seminars and courses and create new styles as I go. 

My goal as a make-up artist is to enhance a person's natural beauty, not to hide it. It gives me great pleasure to see my client exude confidence as she leaves my chair. There are so many different styles of make-up and hair and there are plenty of examples here and on all my social media pages @jesellabeauty.  Please check it out, follow me, like my pages and share with your friends!

When I work with a client I always recommend a trial as it is during this time I get to meet you, understand what you want and make that vision a reality. It also makes you more confident that you picked the best person for the job. My work speaks for itself!

I hope I get to meet you and be a part of your special day.

Tamara x

The Wedding Industry

With my love of creativity and art this industry is the perfect outlet for me and fits with my lifestyle being a mother of three. The wedding industry is a busy one on Long Island and the idea of being a part of the brides special day is really an awesome experience. It's such a fun, happy environment and it's great to see brides in their element with all their family and closest friends. 

The Wedding Memories

It's impossible to pick one. Being a part of a bride and grooms wedding day allows me the opportunity to be a part of so many peoples moments in their lives. A funny moment would have to be when I met this couple that was new to my neighborhood through mutual friends and they were getting married a few months later. We talked briefly about the fact that I'm a makeup and hair artist but she said she just booked someone but great to know that for the future. That week I'm confirming contracts and securing dates with my current bridal inquiries and when I gave my address she realized I was in fact her artist she picked for her wedding day! 


My specialty as a makeup artist is that my look is natural. As I've stated before I'm here to accentuate your beauty not change it. If you asked me to go glam I'm all over it, I love to play with makeup. but most of my clients love that I keep it looking natural. I get a lot of 'I don't wear a lot of makeup', 'I'm nervous I'm not going to look like myself'... Well, I'm here to make you feel beautiful however you like your makeup. If you're uncomfortable with any part of it, I'll change it to make sure you feel amazing and confident. That's my goal. 

Being a hairstylist also allows brides to have a one stop shop and I love being a part of their whole look. My styles on social media speak for themselves. 

Company History

After my second daughter was born I wanted to change my career and be able to have more of a work/life balance and be able to raise my girls. So I worked and attended classes in the evening for months and started my business. It's named after my first two daughters Jessica and Ella. So that's how 'Jesella Beauty' was born. I have since had another daughter named Hannah and she wants me to change it to incorporate hers too. ☺️ I'll work on something else with her. There have been many times I've been called Jesella. 

About 4 years in and doing well I started including hair into my business because I felt like brides needed the convenience of a one-stop shop for beauty. My business took off after that.  I now have a great team that works for me depending on the amount of girls in a bridal party and have also branched out doing many other clients and events besides weddings, also working with photographers doing portraits/headshots and branding sessions. 



You offer airbrushing in your package or do you do regular foundation makeup also?

Yes I do both.

Lashes are also included in your package what if I want individual clusters? 

Applying them is an additional cost due to time it takes. The lashes I use are natural to dramatic so you have a choice at your trial. If you don't like them I'll try different ones.

I have sensitive skin I'm worried about allergic reactions.  

Do not stress about that. We will work together to make sure that you will not have any reactions. The trial is perfect to discuss that and work out what's safe for you.  In the 12 years I've been doing this I have learnt what products are safe and what to avoid. If I get a bride telling me they have a reaction I  stop using that product. 

Can I bring my own makeup for you to use? 

If that's the only product you can use then we can discuss that but typically no. For safety, sanitization and application reasons I need to know the products I'm working with to produce my best work. 

It's going to be a long day will my makeup/hair last?

Yes. When doing a bridal party I leave the lips til the end. There I assess how the makeup looks and make any further touch ups if necessary. Same with Hair. I also offer to come back for touch up services after ceremonies also. That's $150 per hour. 

My mom is a little nervous about getting her makeup/hair done on the morning of my wedding

I strongly recommend that anyone in the bridal party and especially moms who are apprehensive about makeup or hair to come for a trial. It is not crazy for them to have a trial. In fact it's actually better. That way the morning of the wedding they will be less stressed knowing what to expect. 

Can I book you and secure the date and do a trial for a special occasion or later date? 

Absolutely, for peak times I'm usually booked out a year in advance so I recommend you secure the date with a $50 deposit and contract and organize a trial for that special occasion. (Please note: if that's also during a peak time please book as soon as you know)

Where do I go for trial? 

Trial is at my location at a discounted rate. I'm happy to come to you but it will be at a higher rate. 

How should I have my hair ready for you? 

Hair should be washed and dried the night before. If your hair gets oily fast then morning of but always dried.

Can you blow out and then style it? 

Of course but that's an extra cost. I do recommend girls who have very curly, frizzy hair to wash and blow out the night before to settle the hair before styling. I also offer that service the day before if needed and available. 

My hair is thin I'm thinking hair extensions. 

Absolutely! Most styles you see on your inspiration pics are girls who have extensions in.. some even two sets! I have a great place on Long island and online that's affordable for hair extensions and they match your hair perfectly. 

What kind of hair extensions do I need?

The clip in kind. usually 16 or 18 inches long unless your hair is super long. 

I've had my hair trial and loved it. I'm now thinking of trying a completely different look.

Come back for another trial! If I'm available I can do it. Sometimes during the first trial if it's between a down do and updo I can usually start with one and move to another to give options. I cannot however go from one look to Hollywood waves. Those take time and a different way to curl with more product. A separate trial is needed.

Do you cut hair also? 

Nope sorry I don't, but can trim some front pieces if they're too long. 

My hair doesn't hold a curl very well. 

There's a type of curl that can hold better. Extensions also help too. 

I have a headpiece I want to add and veil do you help me with that?


On the morning of my wedding can I put times for each girl to get their service done?

Yes if you would like to do that of course but I ask that all the girls be there at the start regardless because the timing for each girl could be different and it doesn't always stick to those times. If they are all there then it makes for a smooth morning and no wait times and unnecessary delays. 

What is your preferred payment day of?

Cash is preferred. I do Zelle and Venmo if needed but I ask that everyone have cash morning of. Venmo charges fees and I would need to charge you those fees. 

Do you travel?

Yes! I travel anywhere. Outside of a 40 mile radius of my location there is a travel fee.

My wedding is super early 

No worries! To come to you before 6am there's an early bird fee. There are other options of having more artists that early to reduce the time you need to get ready. 

I have a lot of girls needing services can your company handle this? 

Yes absolutely. No party is too big or too small. We have you covered leave that part to me. 

All your prices are listed is there any other hidden fees?

No. All is stated on the quote I send you. 

Any other questions I haven't covered here don't hesitate to contact me on (917) 574-2369 anytime. 




Personal Hobbies

I love all things creative. I do actually make and decorate cakes for fun. I love a good party and love music. So it's fun to listen to brides playlists on the morning of their wedding. 

What makes me smile is my family, friends and when it comes to a bride and her family and friends is how I can make them feel so beautiful and seeing them exude confidence is what I love about this industry. 

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