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When choosing a photographer, it should be about finding the person who can capture your moments in a style that aligns with your vision. Our photography goes far beyond just the subject- it's how we paint a moment in light and capture the spontaneous. We create beautiful and long lasting images for you to cherish, providing you with keepsakes to pass on for generations to come. Hearth & Oak Photography Company is Veteran and First Responder owned and operated. We have 15 years of experience in photography. That photography experience, coupled with the training to be in situations where second chances don't present themselves, makes us perfectly suited to take on the responsibility of capturing every moment of your big day.

The Wedding Industry

We love being a part of one of the happiest days of peoples lives. Turning that excitement and joy into artwork for friends and family to cherish for years to come is not something you can do in most professions, so we are grateful to be involved in the creation of a legacy. There is also a certain challenge to always being in a different environment - having to constantly adapt and think on your toes while still providing top notch service and the best quality product to you.

The Wedding Memories

Our favorite wedding memory has to be the first wedding we ever booked as professionals. The entire day felt like it was electric, like there was so much energy you could power a small village. Every time we shoot a wedding, we strive to recreate that same energy and provide even better service to our Brides & Grooms.


Hearth & Oak Photography Company specializes in photojournalism/documentary style wedding photography, but above all else we specialize in making sure our brides and grooms are extremely well taken care of throughout the entire process.


Q: Does your studio offer packages?
A: Yes. We have packages designed to meet your needs in an easy to understand, clearly presented format.

Q: Does your studio offer videography services?
A: Yes we do!

Q: Have you shot my venue before?
A: With over 15 years of experience of capturing weddings, the odds are a yes, but if not, no need to worry. Being in new places is usually really good for the creative mind.

Q: What is your photography style?
A: Mostly photojournalistic/Documentary style photography with very light posing. We want to capture the essence you you and your day in its purest from.

Personal Hobbies

We enjoy the outdoors!
We hunt, fish, hike, and love to explore the wilderness. October is the craziest time for us not only because wedding season is in full on crazy mode, but its also striper season! There's a certain kind of mental reset only being out in nature can bring you and once you experience it, you're hooked for life. Connecting with the earth in the way I feel we were meant to can provide so much clarity and focus so you can be the best version of yourself all the time.

We also enjoy then indoors...
Now and then we let our inner geeks go wild and we play all kinds of tabletop games. You name it - D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, and any board game we can get our hands on. If any of this stuff is unfamiliar to you don't worry about it, its nerd stuff hahahah!

BOLI Love!

I recently had the joy of being a model for a collaboration with a few bridal vendors. Hearth and Oak (David) was our photographer. David was a blast to work with. He made the experience that day feel as If I was getting married all over again. He really was a light-seeker and even taught me a few things about the camera. David made everyone feel so comfortable, got us to laugh and really be ourselves even though we all had just met. I highly recommend this team as the photos were to die for. The gallery had such an elegant, romantic aesthetic and you could tell everyone was at ease and David highlighted their best features.

Marianne M.

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