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200 Sunrise Hwy.
2nd Floor (in Babe Cave)
Rockville Centre, New York 11570Directions


Hey Guys, my name is Julieta. But everyone calls me Julz. I'm a dog loving, tom-boy at heart glam girl! If you had seen me in High school, you would have never imagined that I would end up in the Hair & Makeup world! I guess you can thank my mom. Growing up one of my fav things to do was watch her get ready for parties. I would just sit on the toilette, while she did her hair & makeup. It would just mesmerize me, the colors she would use and the way she would change her hair up to go with her outfit. I loved it!!! Even as I got older, I loved being able to feel like I got to transform into a princess or something for special events...like my communion & prom.

The Wedding Industry

Believe it or not but I have been in the beauty world for about 18 years now. Thankfully I can say, I truly love it. Especially doing hair & makeup for my brides! It's such a an honor and pleasure being a part of a truly special day. I have been lucky enough to glam up some of my closets friend, my best friend & even my mom when she remarried! I love seeing brides transform before my eyes. It's like I get to be part of their fairytale ending, I get to be their "Fairy Glam Mother"!


I have to say one of things I specialize in and have worked hard to perfect when it comes to make up is... making skin look glowy & flawless! I love a good "J-Lo" Glow! No one wants to see the layers of makeup, especially on such a special day. I guess in general, I can say my style is that glowy, natural but still glam look. Even for hair, I love it to look effortless and glam. Hollywood waves are my fave, all styles of them. Soft & natural or structured & smooth! I love them all!

Company History

So even though I have been doing forever... my baby H2Seven Hair & Makeup Studio was born in 2017. When I moved back to NY from Miami. I lived out there for about 4 yrs, I was part of the fashion & production world. It was awesome, I was blessed to work on some great projects and be around some amazing people. But I'm a single mom and we missed being around family. I decided to move back, thankfully I still flew home to do wedding and do color clients. So I had clients to come back to, but I needed a space. I was given the opportunity to open up my own studio and I just had to jump on it. All signs were pointing back to NY. Even signs like every time I looked at the time, it was 4:27. 27 is my lucky number and it was just popping up everywhere. A friend had suggested to look up Angel #427 and when I did...It was the last sign I needed to assure me that I was going in the right direction. So from that is where 2Seven comes from. The H is because when I first started in hair, my first ig name was Heavenlystyle. Heaven was for my daughter whose name is Nevaeh, which is heaven spelled backwards. I didn't want to use Heavenlystyle anymore but I didn't want to completely let go of it. So I decided H2Seven Hair & Makeup Studio.


The most popular question believe it or not is "Should I get extensions?" and my answer is always... YES!!!! Gurl!!!! If there is a day to have thick gorgeous, bouncy hair...it is you wedding day!!! Ladies, 99.9% of hair Inso pics you see...are using some kind of extension or hair filler! I highly recommend it and you will thank me later!

Personal Hobbies

So... I love to cook and craft! If I didn't go to beauty school, I was debating on going to culinary. I love food and feeding everyone. I guess you can say its one of my love language's. And I guess the artist in me is where I love to craft. I have a Cricut and I love making all the cute cheesy gifts for my friend & family.

BOLI Love!

Julie was amazing and super fast! She made me feel so special on my wedding day I couldn’t have asked for someone better! My hair looked amazing and lasted all night! Definitely book her! She’s awesome and super kind.

Leticia M.

I knew as soon as I was engaged that I wanted Juliet to be my make up and hair stylist. I had seen her work in person and was aware of how committed she is to her craft. Juliet’s experience in weddings is evident and her professionalism is exactly what I needed. She made me feel stunning at my pre-wedding events and on my wedding day. Juliet demonstrates professionalism and is communicative as well as punctual. Additionally she is a problem solver, which is super helpful when you’re stressing about numerous things. My wedding was in Mexico, and I expressed how worried I was about how my make up would look in the extreme heat. She made sure that I was okay throughout the night. I was also impressed at how accepting Juliet was for my bridesmaid who has natural curls. Juliet styled my bridesmaid’s hair with her stunning curls. My bridesmaid looked gorgeous. Lastly, Juliet’s loving and down to earth personality is lovely to be around. I could go on and on about how appreciative I am of Juliet. Thank you so much!

Noheli Z.
Julz is the most professional, knowledgeable, and personable human you will want on your team the day of the wedding. After going through some unforeseen cancellations with my original hair stylist, Julz came through like a heroine! She was so responsive and understanding, that ultimately I believe that we were meant to be. I totally forgot to get hair extensions, and she still managed to make my hair look super glam! She was also super sweet with my mom who does not speak English. I’m so glad she was there to make the day even better.
Vanessa G.

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