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Hello There! My name is Nicole. I am the owner here at Glitzed Events! If there is one thing to know about me, and really everyone here at Glitzed Events, it's that we are really a bunch of flower loving dorks!! I explain to all of my clients that although this is of course a job, I really do love it! It's not just about flowers being pretty. It's about a personal connection with people. There is nothing more satisfying than diving into what a client is envisioning in their head, extracting that info, and bringing it to life! Glitzed Events is a full-service event decorating and planning company. We approach every wedding tactfully, considering esthetics, venue, logistics, and budget. Glitzed Events is not only female-owned, but family-owned. We understand the importance of your special day and are ready to deliver with a seasoned team (some members having 30+ years of experience in the industry.) I often hear from brides that they just aren't sure of things as this is their "first time doing this" my response is always the same, we hope its also your last!!! In our minds there are no do-overs here, and we always want to get it right! I try to limit the team's bookings to no more than 2 per day for this reason. I always want to make sure we have the time, availability, and staff necessary to compensate for whatever may come our way (Incorrect table counts, cake arriving late, etc) on the big day! Our approach is simple. We begin with a consultation to discuss and develop your vision. Next, we explore multiple options within the budget, to achieve that vision. We provide a sample to ensure we do indeed understand the inter-workings of your lovely minds, and eventually make it to the booking process. We understand each event is as unique as the individuals themselves. Our goal is to make your special vision come alive!

The Wedding Industry

I originally entered the wedding industry as a planner. I loved organizing all of the moving parts! I felt fulfilled by allowing my clients to live in the moment..... in fact our company was originally named Kairos Event Management (kairos meaning "moment" in greek. We thought it was clearly more catchy than it was!!! Something I always struggled with was getting florists to produce what the client was looking for. Either they made something that looked like every other piece they had ever made in the appropriate colors, discounted what the clients wanted saying they didn't know how or it would be too expensive, or just gave back the bare minimum. I even had a florist tell me "They get what I give them"........ This is where my journey here really started. I was furious by this comment and decided I would go to floral school (Flower School NY to be exact) . My original intentions were purely to use this new information to lobby on behalf of my clients. At school my mind broadened! I had discovered a world of design that pushed the limits of natural flowers. Creating new and exciting things became my passion. I loved the more tactile experience, and no longer wanted to sit behind my computer full time ........ and Glitzed Events was born.

The Wedding Memories

The memory that stands out the most to me actually only happened right before covid! I had done a consultation for a very honest and very forthcoming bride who had explained to me her Fiance was in the army, he wasn't there to help her make any decisions and she was supper stressed about budget as money was tight. I of course did my best to accommodate her. We found centerpieces that would work within the vision and her budget. However when it came to personal items, she had wanted to replicate her mother's bridal bouquet (a cascade of mini calla lilies). This item fell outside of her budget so she very reasonably said "its ok we can just include a few". She was clearly disappointed. I thought to myself this was the one piece she would hold all day, it would be in 99% of her wedding photos, and she had instead decided to allocate the money she had available on centerpieces so her guests would be satisfied.... The day of the wedding I showed up with a full cascading bouquet of mini white calla lilies (and the original one she ordered just incase this now wasn't what she wanted) .... The bride hugged me and started to cry!! I warned her she was going to mess up her makeup to stop it (The makeup artist I'm sure wanted to kill me)!!! I've had a few people ask me why I did this random act of kindness .... the answer is simple. She hadn't asked or expected anything from me beyond what she had booked. She was kind, considerate of everyone except herself, and very respectful. I wanted to remind her that "her special day" she grew up thinking about, was indeed HERS!!!


I'm honestly not sure we have "one" specialty. Every member here at Glitzed Events really only works on what they love making and what they are exceptional at. Personally this is installation work, such as Arches or Chuppahs . I enjoy the challenge of creating mechanics. While Teresa is the best bouquet creator I have ever seen! She takes enormous pride in how all of the personal items come out and will genuinely never try to skip out on any additional work in the process because she wants it to be perfect!(hand wiring is what I mean when I say "additional work" which is enough to make your hands cramp up!!)

Company History

I think you all got enough of our history in "The Wedding Industry" section so I'll spare you the recap... but as to where we are going is a bit more complex and honestly ties into my personal life. A few years ago I moved to Long Island. The reason you ask? Isn't it always boys!! Joe can be seen at most on site set-ups and couples can thank him if any paint/ or build work was involved in their decor! With our main office currently located in Westchester, we are working towards opening a Long island based studio in the coming months. This is finally possible as we have so many lovely couples out on the island. This of course means our clients will no longer have to come up here to see a sample or be "zoomed" in also means I don't have to commute as often (WE ALL WIN!!)


Q) What areas do we service? A) All of Long Island, Westchester & "Upstate" NY, Most of CT, and Parts of NJ. Q) How many Weddings will we facilitate per day? A) 1-2 max Q) What is our base pricing? A) I try to be as transparent as possible. For this reason our website has a constantly updated document listing "Base" prices based on market value. Please note what I consider to be "base" is a gorgeous arrangement I can be proud of and you love!!! No crappy fishbowl arrangements here!! Q) Is there a booking minimum? A) While there is no booking minimum, there is a delivery minimum of $2,500

Personal Hobbies

When speaking of personal hobbies I'm sure anyone who knows me would say first and foremost I must include "Food Tours" as I call it, to the list! Any weekend Joe and I find ourselves with some free time we are typically sampling brunch menus or dessert places somewhere! I am a large TV/Movie enthusiast! My night-time wind down usually includes cuddling up with Joe and Sasha (my miniature pincher) watching "Wicked Tuna", and "The Curse of Oak Island" (Documentaries on the history/ national geographic channel) or "The Mandolorian", "Stranger Things", or "Ozark" .... I warned you all I'm a dork! Things I love but don't get to do quite as often included roasting on the beach (yes I always get burnt, Quading, and completing some paint by numbers (feeling like Picasso)!

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