Gelfman Photography is a boutique photography studio that prides itself on a friendly and collaborative experience. It's led by Matt and Lesley, a very in-love couple themselves, who both have their Bachelor's in Photography and over ten years of experience in portrait and wedding/event work.
Photography—especially wedding photography—is a very personal service. We sincerely believe your photographers should not be nameless employees tossed your way, especially on one of the most important days of your life! From start to finish we're intent on being friends to you, doing everything we can to make your day stress-free and fun, while also getting stunning shots of your big day.
In using Gelfman Photography, you're guaranteed all the expertise and high-quality results of a large studio, but with more exclusive attention to your personal vision and a much faster turnaround time of your photos. Have a random question or a particular photo you want re-created? Shoot us a text or give us a call, day or night!

The Wedding Industry

As a photographer, it's hard not to love weddings. They encompass everything a photographer would want in a shoot—beautiful atmospheres, smiling faces, and endless opportunities to produce artistic and eye-catching work.
After working with larger studios, we found the only thing lacking was the personal relationship between photographer and client, something that was sorely missed on such an emotional event. So, to remedy that, we went solo!
Now we get the best of both worlds, and every wedding we shoot ends up being a chance to laugh with and share in the joy of the happy couple we've already developed a connection with, while knowing the shots we're getting are exactly what they're looking forward to!

The Wedding Memories

It's so difficult to pick a single favorite! Arguably what ends up being our favorite part of working a wedding is reaching the end of the night feeling like you've become part of a new family.
Suddenly you've become best friends with Aunt Carol, you already have a repertoire of inside jokes with the bride and groom, and you reminisce of how proud you were of the flower girl for overcoming her fears of making it down the aisle, as though she's your niece too!
Every wedding is a different adventure, and we've yet to have one that didn't end with great memories that still pop up in our daily conversation.

Company History

Matt (Gelfman) started the business in 2018, and as fate would have it he started dating Lesley not long after. It was quickly apparent that they not only made a great team as a couple, but as partners, as well. From there Gelfman Photography has evolved quite quickly, as Lesley brought a keen eye as not only a talented photographer but a stylist and social media specialist, too!
We're always looking to grow as a company, but we will never lose the personal focus and high quality we're able to maintain as a more boutique operation.

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