My Name is Jessica, and I am the owner of this fab-u-lous photobooth company ;) From now until way after your wedding, you're not just a client to me. I'll be here to answer any questions and help in any way I possibly can. This is your big day! Let's make it amazing!

Take a look at our instagram for more photos and fun reels! Nothing is cut and dry! Let's chat and come up with the best photo experience for you and your awesome freinds and family! I promise you, you're gonna kinda love it ;)

The Wedding Industry

I have always loved the Wedding and Event Planning industy, but why take on the entire party, when you can focus on making one aspect absolutely awesome! We started this company with a twinkle in our eyes and have always went above and beyond to make the photo experience definitely one that your friends and family will talk about for a while! Being a part of your special day isnt a job for us, it's an honor. Seeing everyone having a great time in front of one of our many booths, is all that is needed to keep us going!

The Wedding Memories

Ahhhh, let's see, a favorite memory....OH! how about a flash mob! I have never seen one before this, and to this day, never saw one after! I will say, every time I hear Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, I wait for random people to start simultaneously dancing!



We specialize in it! Making sure everyone, from you and your new hubby/wifey to Grandma and Grandpa, gets the perfect picture! We like to think we're the second photographer hired! This is a fun add on for you and your guest, with amazing quality!


We don't just change the name and date on the graphics. As a graphic designer, everything, down to every little detail will match your wedding perfectly! Photos, personalization, theme/colors, I will match your exact vibe so the booth fits in seamlessly!

Company History

A few years ago, we went to a wedding and they had a photobooth. Something sparked in our heads that we could do this and make it even better! Shortly after, we were up and running with our first booth. Now 4 years later, we have many, and are told at every wedding "This is awesome, I've never seen this before!". So I would say, we acheived what we set to do! We have now grown this into a full time job, and we couldnt be happier!

Personal Hobbies

Being in this industry, we're busy bees all the time, but we always, always have time for our friends, family and eachother! Trips to Disney or a beautiful Island is always a favorite getaway. Finding new restaurants, spots to have a nice cocktail or even throwing on sweats and watching a comedy classic to end the night!

Additional Info

So, what's included? Well, let me tell ya!

We try to include just about everything for an awesome photo experience!

  • Unlimited Printing and/or texting
  • Still photos, boomerangs and gif. (Yes boomerangs too, so clink those glasses!) (Gala Mirror is still photos only)
  • Premium backdrop choices. Awesome vibrant sequin to solid black or white for that glam look.
  • Looking for that Kim K black and white glam look, we gotchu'! 
  • Want fun props? We got that too!
  • Digital file of allllll photos taken, so you can laugh about them the next day!
  • Awesome attendants to make each guest feel very comfortable using the booth. They also keep the area nice and neat and clean. Its your wedding, we dont need a mess!

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BOLI Love!

Jess and her team are fun and amazing people to work with. Between the variety of photo booths, props, and always down to party this is the team to hire. They are so outgoing, helpful and tentative and provide such. great experience.

Joseph T.

Fresh Face Photobooths was a huge hit with our guests! We still have friends and family telling us how fun and interactive it was. I thought the value was outstanding as the service provided was unique and unlike any other photo booth I’ve experienced. Not to mention that Jess and Jon are an absolute pleasure to work with- they are extremely accommodating, professional, and make the process of planning an event as seamless as possible. Overall, the experience was awesome. I will definitely be using Fresh Face Photobooths for future events - definitely recommend!

Emily M.

Used Fresh Face for my engagement party this past weekend. It was absolutely amazing! Loved the back and forth conversation to design and review the templates for the photos to make the client involved and approve of designs before the party. Great service. Seamless set up and dismantling before and after the event. Options to print multiple copies of the photos as well as the photos being text messaged which is great. All photos from the event were sent to me a few days later. Would definitely recommend it!

Grace F.

The Photobooth was such a hit!!! Everyone at my wedding used it and the glam effect was perfect. The attendants working the booth kept it organized and easy to use throughout the night! Definitely recommend!!

Nikki P.

Jessica was super friendly from the start. I loved her vibe versus the really serious business type men. We booked 2 photo booths with them because we had a rather large party and I didn’t want lines. She allowed me to use my own backdrop for the mirror photobooth that I created and they hung the neon sign on it. I also bought a vase and big chest and filled them with all sorts of props and masks that fit our theme and they displayed them and helped the guests with the booth. I had a simple glam black and white one in the main ballroom and there they had their usual props and stuff. I loved having 2 totally different vibes for the photo booths and both got a ton of use at the wedding! She made a reel of my wedding if you look on their Instagram, it was amazing and I watched it on repeat like a million times.


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