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Here at FAME Theatrical Honey's Dance, we specialize in couples first dance lessons. We will help you and your future spouse look increidible and confident while sharing your special moment together in front of your family and friends. We will help create life long memories and wonderful photos that will last a life time. Our lessons will be with you forever, so even long after your nuptials you will have the tools to dance together beautifully at future celebrations and events!

Whether you like to shine for your quest alone, with your parents or even with a group of special friends, we will design a stunning dance routine specific for your wants and needs.

Our teachers and staff will help guide you through every step of the way to ensure you are confident and ready to dance on your big day!

Take a chance at the first dance, with us. 

Company History

We opened in 2012, and have been helping couples ever since. Our studio was named after my grandmother who I hold very near and dear to my heart. 


Will you help us choose a song if we don't have one yet?
Yes, we will help you find the perfect song that reflects you both as a couple.

How many lessons will we need?
This really depends on the amount of time you are able to devout to instruction. We will work closely with you to create and develop choreographed dance tailored to your specific song or help you gracefully improvise on the dance floor.

Where do the lessons take place?
The lessons can take place in studio or at your home, whichever you prefer. Please note there is an additional charge for travel. 

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