My name is Rich Wiemer and I am the owner and Lead Planner at Elite Wedding Planning. I am born and raised on Long Island. I started getting into the industry a couple years ago after planning my own wedding. After having an amazing mentor in teaching me the in's and out's of the industry we now taking on and working with couples up and down the east coast. Me and my husband have two adorable furbabys and when we get a weekend off we spend it with them at the dog park or beach and getting puppuccinos!

The Wedding Industry

As I was planning my own wedding me and my husband were completely lost. We didnt know where to start or how to even be able to pull anything off. We felt so in over our own heads. We ended up hiring our wedding planner Adina Perrullo with A Perfect Day Wedding Planning. She helps us so much. Little did I know what would come from it. She grabbed the reins and helped us get a hold of everything. Then while in the planning process she said to me that I had a real knack for the small details and the creative process. She saw somthing in me I wasn't yet aware of. Me finding enjoyment in the creation process offered to help her out if she ever needed it. The rest was history. She took me on as her apprentice and taught me eveyrthing I know. She has now retired but her teachings live on!

The Wedding Memories

While me and my husband were moving down to Tampa we were driving down in the moving truck. Me and my mentor had a wedding in Charelston, South Carolina. It was a very special one because the bride was from Long Island and the groom was from South Carolina. They brought in vendors from Long Island to this beautiful historic wedding site. It was where my mentor annoucned she was retiring and it was going to be her last wedding year. It was a passing of the torch feeling and it was also where i knew, I was where i belonged! The couple was amazing and were super supportive and it was a huge Long Island wedding in South Carolina. Even though it rained the party never stopped!


I have a creative heart and it runs down to my core. I love design and curration of the concepts. My favorite part of the process is working with florists and designers on the creation of the feel and esthetic of the night and for the wedding. 

Company History

We are based out of Tampa, Florida but our roots go all the way back to Long Island. We learned eveything we know from New York. After serving weddings from Montauk all the way up to the Catskills, then down the East Coast there isnt anything we haven't seen. We keep close contact with our Long Island vendors to help beenfit our couples. We got our start under A Perfect Day Wedding Planning and with being beyondly grateful for everything they have taught us we are now ready to be out on our own building amazing weddings for our couples all over! 

Personal Hobbies

We are a big disney family and with living down in Tampa. We love to head over and get a drink around the world at the world showcase and take in some fireworks every once in awhile. When we are working we will be back and fourth between Long Island and Tampa spending time with our pups and friends and family when time allows.

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