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Commack, New York 11725Directions


You have one job on your wedding day: dance, drink, and have fun! (or is that 3 jobs?) My job is to commemorate the happiest day of your life with stunning photography. And I’m pretty darn good at it.

I’m different from the DJ that ignores your (multiple) requests for Bruce Springsteen. This is the biggest day of your life, so I’m going to give you exactly what you want, and never miss a single moment.

After all, these photos will be passed around the dinner table for generations to come, and will serve as physical time capsules that you can touch, feel, and place around your home. In other words, they must be amazing photos, plain and simple.

The Wedding Industry

Having been an English teacher and photographer for well over a decade, I was always fascinated with people's story. I made the terrifying but what turned out to be the most gratifying decision to stop shooting as a side job and 6 years ago I went full time! I love telling and capturing stories so much it has become my entire life's passion.

With me there to capture your intimate wedding, I aim to focus on why everyone is there: your LOVE and COMMITMENT.

The result? More relaxed, natural photos showcasing the people and moments that mean the most to you!


I believe that the most intimate bond between two people should be celebrated in an intimate setting, and that’s why I specialize in smaller weddings. I’ve been a bridesmaid 10 times now, all at massive, and super stressful NY weddings. Trust me, I get it. Big weddings can be amazing, but smaller weddings really allow me to capture more candid moments, talk to and meet more of your guests, and photograph all of the conversations, laughs, hugs, and kisses. Your wedding shouldn’t feel like an event or a performance, it should feel like you’re at home with family.


Do you travel? YES, Please!

Can. I have more than one photographer? Yep!

Do you have videographer services? Sure do!

Will you create beautiful heirloom prints, albums and wall art for me? ABSOLUTELY!

Personal Hobbies

Welllllll when I am not shooting for my clients, I love to travel, and of course, travel photography. I love to see cities as local as can be, what gives them character. I love to be around when others are cooking and I am a great taste tester! I love all kinds of music for the most part, but the truth is when I am editing its TV for me - Friends re runs or the Office is most likely on the in the background!

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