By Brittany Branson


Painting memorable moments into meaningful masterpieces - I'm blessed to do this every weekend (and every day) for remarkable couples in love...just like you!

Hey there, I'm Brittany. An original Jersey girl, I now have the pleasure of painting weddings all over the country (and world). I get to rock life with my pilot husband Tim and our rescue fur baby Bolt. Speaking of fur babies, I donate a portion of the proceeds from every live wedding painting to the animal rescue group that rescued our Bolt. It's a pawsome win for everyone! But, when I'm not capturing love in paint, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm, burning through too many of my favorite vanilla candles, devouring PBS Masterpiece Theatre shows (sometimes for the tenth time), or traveling around with my hubby.

Having had a live wedding painter on my own special day, I absolutely understand how special the experience can be! In fact, I'm staring at my own painting now, as I write this paragraph. It was the number one thing guests kept asking us about days and weeks after the wedding. Now, I'm so lucky to create these pieces for my own couples and clients!

This day is beyond special to you.
So remembering it in a personal and meaningful way is too.

While your beautiful flowers will wilt and your photos might sit on a flash drive, a painting doesn't wither and isn't easily ignored.

It's a one-of-a-kind keepsake you'll be excited to hang on your walls from the first moment you see it - allowing you to recall your most cherished memories every day and share your day with the ones you love, forever.


The Wedding Industry

Before becoming a full time live wedding painter, I had a brief career in arts administration/legislation. I had always wanted to work on behalf/for artists! But, once I met my husband, I realized keeping my 9-5 job would mean risking never seeing him. With his unconventional pilot schedule, there was no guarantee he'd be off on the weekends. I knew I had to do something for myself! I love being in the wedding industry because, just like how every couple has a unique story, no two events are the same. I love that spontaneity, and I'd like to think every couple's uniqueness is reflected in my portfolio of paintings. 

The Wedding Memories

My paintings are like my children. And so, it's impossible to choose a favorite! However, one wedding will always be a bit more memorable.

My Dad is a 9/11 lower Manhattan survivor. And so, working in or around Manhattan is always special for me. In 2021 I was hired to live paint an intimate wedding at the River Cafe in Brooklyn. I was very excited to paint here because my Mom had spent a lot of time frequenting the River Cafe back when she was an ICU nurse. It was an absolutely perfect day, and you can't beat the view of One World Trade and lower Manhattan from the back patios. At the end of the evening, the couple and all of their guests gathered on the deck, lit sparklers, and sang along as the DJ blasted Sinatra's "New York, New York." I got very choked up looking at the skyline through the fun of the sparklers - knowing my Dad had made it, the city persevered, and I was hired to paint at a venue that was such a part of my Mom's life when she was younger. It was a wonderful, full-circle moment!


I specialize in creative compositions. I thrive on crafting a painting that reflects a memory my couples want to treasure forever. This could mean capturing them in a first dance pose, but in their ceremony spot (should they love it better than their reception). Or, this could mean adding in the portraits of family members and loved ones who have passed on, and could not physically celebrate with us on the big day. The beauty of a painting is we can have fun and get creative. Your photographers and videographers are there to document. But me? I can get creative! Adding in the portraits of dogs and fur babies is always complimentary.

Company History

One of my missions is to live paint a wedding in every state and territory! Here are the places I've captured so far: NY, NJ, MD, VA, DC, NC, SC, GA, FL, PA, OH, TN, IN, IL, TX, MT, CO, WA, CA, and Puerto Rico! Definitely share my work with someone you know who is marrying in a state/territory I still have to visit!


Do we have to stand still in order for you to capture us?

Not at all! I use a variety of methods and tools to create your live wedding painting - from memory, to painting as it's happening, to sneaky reference photos and videos. Most of my couples don't have a chance to come hug me until late into the evening, and that's as it should be! You should be having fun!

Do you choose which moment you're going to paint?

Nope, you do! First dances, first kisses, and walking-up-the-aisle moments tend to be super popular, but any moment makes for an amazing painting. Also, we can combine moments! How long are you painting at the wedding?

What if we want our ceremony painting, but it's only a half hour long?

I always guarantee 5 - 7 hours of live, on-site painting entertainment. This basically means I'll be there the whole day! And, depending on the complexity of the painting, your piece may benefit from some extra love in studio.

What do payments look like?

My standard payment plan is 4 installments of 25% each. However, I'm thrilled to offer a new payment platform built specifically for the wedding and event industry: Maroo! This always you to choose a "Book Now, Pay Later" feature, which includes a 3, 6, or 12 month payment plan option with 0% interest!

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