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My videography studio is named after my beautiful niece Linda: Beautiful + Linda = Belinda. She was the one who inspired me to launch my wedding videography business after I enjoyed countless hours editing her childhood videos.

Falling in love with video production led me to study at UCLA and NYFA so I could turn my passion for wedding videography into my career.




The Wedding Industry

My highest priority is to make your wedding video pure perfection. You can expect me to listen to your ideas and expectations carefully and offer advice if needed. Throughout the process, we remain in contact and work together closely

When I'm not editing wedding videos or managing my business, I am spending time with my family and friends, taking long walks on the beach, decorating my house, gardening, reading books or watching drama movie on Netflix. 

You are in safe hands with me from the very first email inquiry until the end of this creative process when your gorgeous wedding is presented :-) Linda is 22 years old today, so I have 22 years of experience in video production and I know what I am doing. 

Nothing makes me happier than another 10/10 review! I have lot's of those! Yeah!! 


The Wedding Memories

I always admire strong family values and close knit families. Parents and grandparents, siblings and bridal party all celebrating together.

I am so interested in your love story, how you met, how you dated, how he proposed and what your expectations for photography and videography are.

I find myslelf smiling, crying, dancing and singing while editing your wedding films and higlights.

Sometimes I watch the first dance or parent dance 5 times a day just to hear the music and watch you dance. I love my couples, did I mention that before? 



We specialize in full wedding films with natural audio, music of your choice, transitions, titles and color grading. I love how it all comes togehter in editing and couple always tell me how this is their favorite movie to watch and most importantly- a gift for future generations. That is priceless.


Drone footage- we will get those stunning arial shot of the venue or church as well as you and the bridal party.






Company History

Since 2007 we have added a few videographers and photographers to our team who consistanty bring the best footage to work with! 

I  carefully pick every one of my videgraphers and photographers personally train them to adjust to my style. They are hand picked individuals that you will love to work with. All the communication, managment, contracts, payments, music choices and editing wil be done by me. I am in close conversation with each of my couples and like to confirm everything to the smallest detail :-) 


  1. Q. What is your usual turnaround time? A: For the highlight video it's usually 1 month, for the fully edited film- 3months
  2. Q: Are you open to feedback/re-edits from us? A: Yes, I want to make your product perfect and I will make changes until we get it right!
  3. Q: Do we get the raw footage? Q: Usually no. Raw footage is very "heavy" Lot's of gigabites and it needs a powerful computer to watch all those small clips (about 300) we capture during the wedding
  4. Q: Who is be shooting my wedding? A: A team of 2 professional videographers who are trained and trusted by me will be filming the day. I will be in communication with you from the start until the end, including editing.
  5. Q: Do you use drones? A: Yes. We love drones. If the weather is good, if the location doesn't have a lot of trees or an airport near by- we are all up to it!
  6. Q: Do you have the certificate of insurance? A: Yes, we do!
  7. Q: What is the best communication source? A: Email. This way everything is in writing and we can always go back to review each conversation we had.
  8. Q: Will you be shooting another wedding on our wedding day? A: No, only one at a time
  9. Q: How many weddings do you shoot a year? A: We accept a limited amount of 20 weddings to keep our attention on you! 
  10. Q: How do you work with photographers? A: I always reach out to the photographer a week before the wedding to discuss details and working together. Filming and photographing is done simultaniosly and we stay out of each other's way. We work for you and we want nothing but the best for you!
  11. Q: How do you descibe your video style? A: My style is very light, airy, romantic and emotional. I focus on human relationship, deeply spoken words, vows, your love story and YOU!

Personal Hobbies

I love spending time with my son and the smile on his face.

Helping people with anything they might need.

Traveling to Europe.


Reading, learning, playing music and being happy :-) 

Additional Info

Can't wait to hear from you!

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