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Welcome to Beautifully Bronzed and Bare! I‘m Danielle and I have been a licensed esthetician for 10+ years! I started my career at a corporate waxing center but I knew that wasn’t my forever. I’ve had big dreams of owning my own space and offering any service my esthetics license would allow. After 9 years at the corporate location, I finally found the courage to go off on my own with the support from my family and close friends. Now, 11 years after attending beauty school, I offer a variety of services to prepare you for your special day! From full body waxing, to spray tanning, to teeth whitening or lashes, I am passionate and dedicated to making my brides feel and look flawless!

At Beautifully Bronzed and Bare, every appointment starts with a full consultation, no matter what service you are getting done! It is so important to make sure that we’re both on the same page of what you’re looking for! All of my clients would say I’m a very “meticulous” esthetician. I won’t let you leave my room without knowing I’ve gotten every hair, sprayed you evenly, or applied an extension to every lash. I love working with brides because as a past bride I know how important it is to have everything perfect for your wedding day, especially your beauty services!


Q: What do I do to prepare for a spray tan?
A: Shower, shave and exfoliate before the spray tan! Avoid using any moisturizers or deodorant as it will create a barrier for the spray tan! Wear loose fitting, dark cotton clothing!

Q: What should I do after my spray tan?
A: Wait 8-12 hours before your shower, your first shower is just a rinse shower with lukewarm water! A few hours after that you can take a regular shower! Avoid any oily product, it will strip the spray tan quicker! Make sure to moisturize daily!

Q: What do I do to prepare for a wax?
A: Your hair must be 1/4 of an inch (about the size of a grain of rice) for the wax to adhere and remove properly! Make sure to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin for easier removal! If you’re concerned about the pain you could take a couple of Advil 20 minutes before! It will help take the edge off, and most importantly come to your appointment as relaxed as you can! Like most things in life the anticipation is often worse than the actual event. Don’t listen to your friends “horror” stories! They don’t come to us! This is your experience and we promise it’ll be a good one! :)

Q: What do I do after a wax?
A: Absolutely no shaving in between waxes!! Shaving irritates the skin and creates sharper, coarser hair! Make sure to exfoliate and stay consistent with your appointments! The best results come from waxing everything 3-4 weeks!

Additional Info

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer or to book an appointment, please feel free to reach out through phone, text, email, social media or our booking system, Vagaro!

BOLI Love!

Beautifully Bronzed and Bare- A+. Got a spray tan and eyebrow wax and tint prior to boudoir photos and Danielle was wonderful! She totally put me at ease (I’m a plus sized girl and getting naked and sprayed can be a daunting task). But she was easy going, so sweet and easy to talk to. The tan came out great and people still can’t get over my brows!!!
Ava L.
Danielle killed it! I booked an appointment Wednesday before my friend Ashley's Saturday wedding and the tan was perfect! I have always been skeptical of spray tan looking orange and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to tan because of my self induced wedding stress eczema ???? but Danielle eased my worries and gave me an amazing organic spray tan. ???? recommend.
Melissa C.
I went to Danielle for some pre-wedding pampering. She made me feel like a princess. She offers so many different services and she does them all flawlessly! I’ve gone to her for waxing, eyebrow henna and dermaplaning and I left feeling great! Definitely go to her for all of your pre- wedding needs!
Chelsea M.
Danielle from Beautifully Bronzed and Bare in Hauppage - Girlfriend is amazing. Please see her if you can. I got my lashes tinted and lifted. Best decision ever.
Ileana MV.

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