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Hi there! My name is Winny and I am the creator of 'Beautiful Stories.' I am a certified pro makeup artist and I specialize in wedding and special occasion makeup. I also do some hairstyling as well! My signature style is mostly "natural but noticeable" makeup. I focus on clean, bright and airy looks by using the minimal amount of products as much as possible to achieve the look that my clients request for. However, if you tell me that you wish for a more glam look, I'm all for it! My client base is pretty diverse and I have worked with brides and clients of all skin types, tones and ages. My clients have said in the past that I am very easy to talk to. I am a very honest person and will not hesitate to say something when you request for something that I know will not work with your natural features. You can say I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and will not stop working with the client until we are both satisfied.

The Wedding Industry

Makeup artistry is my creative outlet from my everyday job as a healthcare professional.


"Natural but noticeable"

Company History

Beautiful Stories was created by me. My brand is called Beautiful Stories because I believe that behind every face, there is a beautiful story waiting to be told at the right time and makeup is the perfect medium to do so. My goal is to bring out the best version of you with my artistry while remembering that you are the one wearing the makeup and not the other way around.


Please refer to my website for a FAQ section under the 'Contact' page.

Personal Hobbies

You can say makeup is both my hobby and my work. When I'm not doing makeup on my clients, I'm working at a hospital full-time with patients. My motto is: Life is too short to be sitting around and doing nothing. Therefore, I'm always on the move but at the same time, trying to balance my work and time with my family (I'm a mom of two).

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