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Hi! My name is Grace and I started this company when I was 20 when the 2020 quarantine started. Baked with Grace sells cookie pies, which are cookies baked in pie tins and filled with different flavors. After selling our Cookie pies successfully online, and shipping nationwide, I opened my first storefront in July of 2021! As of April 2022, I have a second location and just restored an antique dessert cart to be used at events! Not only can you rent the dessert cart, but you can also have warm cookie pies served during dessert hour, or you can have the cookie pies as favors to your guests! The favors come with custom labels, and they can even be packaged in clear boxes with beautiful bows wrapped around. Both the dessert cart and cookie pie favors can be altered to fit your events theme! We look forward to being a part of your special day!

The Wedding Industry

I have always loved being creative, and admire the way events come together, and how creative every planner and vendor has to be! As I have grown my cookie pie business, I have received many requests for party favors. This led me into deciding on starting a dessert cart!

The Wedding Memories

My first one is next week!


Baked with Grace specializes in Cookie Pies, which are cookies baked in pie tins and filled with different flavors. We serve those on top of our Luxury Dessert Cart.

Company History

I started this company when I was 20 years old, right when the 2020 quarantine occurred. I had never baked before, so I started a new hobby. At the time, I was in college and had no job, so I was looking for a way to make money and be creative. I began selling my cookie pies online from my house, and within a year I grew enough to have my own storefront! Now that the world is getting back to normal, I felt it was the perfect time to finally get the luxury dessert cart that I have been wanting!


What are cookie pies?- Cookies baked in pie tins and filled with different flavors!

Personal Hobbies

When I have some time for myself, I love to spend it with family and friends. It is very rare that I have a day off, so when I do, I love to catch up with everyone! One way we do this is by exploring different parts of Long Island. We are all food lovers, and always look for new and creative foods!

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