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Applied Aesthetic was founded by Natalie Sharp, FNP-BC who specializes in cosmetic dermatology and permanent makeup. Her background as a Nurse Practitioner lies in working in with facial plastic surgeons and practices specializing in both medical and cosmetic dermatology for over 10 years. After mastering her craft she decided to open her own skin care clinic in 2020. 

With an artistic eye and a personalized approach, Natalie Sharp, FNP-BC focuses on cosmetic dermatology procedures that achieve long term results through a consistent treatment plan for skin health. 

Highlighted & Popular Services Currently Offered at APPLIED AESTHETIC

-Botox: Dynamic Wrinkle reducers (crow's feet, 11's and forehead) 

-Dermal Fillers: Volumize and create a beautiful lip shape, sculpt and lift cheekbones, jawline and fill nasolabial folds

-PDO Thread Lift: Achieve lifting and rejuvenation of sagging skin while stimulating collagen production


       *BBL HERO:  Broad Band Technology is the new and improved IPL. Improve the quality of your complexion by eliminating sun damage that causes brown spots & spider veins. BBL hero treats redness, rosacea and even active acne. This incredible technology improves the quality of the skin and clears up your complexion to reveal a magnificant GLOW!

        *HALO: Hybrid Ablative/non-ablative laser that provides a truly transformative treatment that targets deep pigment, deep wrinkles and acne scars changing the quality of your skin to reveal a blank canvas! 

The Wedding Industry

My involvement in the bridal industry happened by chance rather than intentionally. During the early days of my practice, the majority of my clients were actually more mature women who happened to be the mothers of brides and grooms. Through their referrals to other members of the wedding party, my client list expanded until naturally, I began seeing brides as well. 

I treat patients of all ages and curate a routine and treatment plan specific to their own personal aesthetic, time line, and needs. Being comfortable with your aesthetic provider is paramount. I feel that education is essential and the initial 45 minute, in depth cosmetic consultation is a time where we talk about a client's expectations. My goal is to really listen to every concern and cosmetic so that I can provide guidance as to the best of action to prepare for the Big Day and beyond. 

At Applied Aesthetic we focus on a bespoke treatment plan improving the quality of the skin while providing broad enhancement from subtle to transformative. 

We want you to feel elegant, naturally beautiful and glow on your Big Day!


The Wedding Memories

One of my very first brides I treated was actually a relationship close to my heart. She was hired for the summer as my sons babysitter because she was a teacher and had a few months off. She was amazing with him and as a token of my appreciation for her birthday, I decided to gift her Powder Brows which is a permanent makeup eyebrow procedure I do often. A few weeks later, her future mother in law saw her at a family dinner and quickly made an appointment for the same procedure.

Fast forward 2 years, her wedding day was August 13, 2022.  Her future mother in law has been coming to me for 6 months prior to prepare for the big day. For her decided treatment, we did a series of BBL photofacials, Botox and Dermal Fillers. She sent me a picture of them all looking radiant and a very sweet one of her dancing with her son on the big day. I am a boy mom and to see this moment was truly heart warming and rewarding. 


I specialize in cosmetic dermatology with focus on the face and neck

Company History

I started Applied Aesthetic with a vision of both who I was as a person and what I wanted to give to those I serve. 

Ever since I was a little girl I was very visual and loved all things beauty. I was always an artist painting and drawing from an early age. I was also fascinated with health and human psychology being drawn to making people feel great about themselves. Being a Nurse Practitioner specializing in aesthetics finally married those facets of my personality allowing me to express myself fully through my work. I have a strong passion for what I do and really enjoy making women feel confident and beautiful. Looking your best can make you feel great on the inside and reflects on how you interact with the world around you. 

After working in the medical & aesthetic industry for a long time I wanted to open a smaller space where I could take my time with each client, truly making them feel seen, relaxed and listened to. 

My team is a small but effective. Applied Aesthetic is founded on the principle of quality over quantity. This pertains to the procedures offered by my staff. 

Sara Schwartz, my front office manager is a woman who is originally from Roslyn Long Island. She has a wealth of experience managing a vein center and medical spa. She is personable, detail oriented and dedicated to making sure the office runs smoothly and the client has a welcoming and warm experience. 

Elsa Reyes, our aesthetician focuses on microdermabrasion and our signature facial which makes you feel beautiful. She has over 20 years of experience in aesthetics and heads her own spa in NYC. She is available every Wednesday and Saturday for all bridal prep needs. 

The name Applied Aesthetic came from the idea of applying what I see as a potential for your individual beauty. It is working on a masterpiece and YOU are both the muse and the canvas.

I also love to teach and always wanted to have a name that can be synomous with a training facility down the line for providers wanting to learn techniques that have taken me years to master. I now do hold private trainings for nurses and doctors in my facility upon request. 

Applied Aesthetic is here to provide bespoke treatment for you to look and feel radiant on your special day and beyond!

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