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I’ve been in love with glam and makeup since I was a little girl. I used to ballroom dance and for all our performance we had to bring on the glitter and glam- it was then I realized how much I enjoyed getting all done up.
Fast forward to years later, I realized many times when I got my own makeup done for events I didn’t always like how it turned out. While the artistry was beautiful, it didn’t quite fit my face and highlight my features. While a smokey eye is so common, it needs to be altered to the eye shape of the person- otherwise all the work doesn’t look good on them. It was then I began watching millions of YouTube’s, taking online master classes, and learning the skill from a lot of artists. I starting loving learning new tricks and being able to create looks that worked for my features. I started practicing on my sisters and friends to learn how to work with other facial structures unlike my own.
Everyone around me always told me to dive into the makeup scene, and I realized it was a passion I really wanted to do professionally. I love doing someone’s makeup and seeing their reaction afterwards. My goal is to make the client look like themselves, but to enhance all their beautiful features and make them stand out!

The Wedding Industry

Weddings are so special not just because of a party to celebrate your love but the moments all leading up to it and the moments after! Most people dream of their weddings as a child, and every vision is completely unique and different. After the proposal, which the groom plans and plans (maybe with some help!) the fun begins! From the time you get a ring on it, to all the prep and planning, to the big day every detail is crucial to make it your own. Afterwards, when the dress it taken off, lashes are on the bathroom sink somewhere, extensions on the floor- you realize you are married to the love of your life!! What’s next… reminiscing on the best day ever! That is why I love weddings so much - it’s not just a day, it’s a memory that lasts forever.

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory of all time is from the Wedding Planner but it is something I’ve done every time I do a wedding, or even as a guest myself. While everyone is looking at the beautiful bride - I tend to always look at the groom. Even if there is a first look, that moment when the bride walks down the aisle it’s magical. Goosebumps, fast heart rate, tears of joy and love, and a smile that shows real love. That’s what weddings are all about. That. Is. It.


I specialize in making the brides look like the best version of themselves. I want to ensure every bride feels her absolute best, and looks as stunning as she is. I create a look that catered to just her, not a standardized look that is popular at the moment. I focus on skin - skin is the most important part for me when doing someone’s makeup. I believe in the fairy tale of everyone looking in the mirror and saying WOW I’m the bride of my dreams!

Company History

My company’s story is a simple one. I believe in the phrase if you want something done right do it yourself - and that’s how I began working on my craft. I look courses, used all the models I knew, and began to expertise all different types of techniques. I wanted to know how every culture crafted the art of makeup. I wanted to learn every detail of the makeup world. Once I fully digested into my dream I knew that the learning never stops and to keep working on it. I simply love what I do and make sure every client leaves loving the way they look. Confidence breeds beauty!


My FAQs are -
Do you think a trial is worth it?
YES. YES. YES! A trial is crucial!!! We need to play around with looks, we need to try differ t styles. We need to get to know each other. My trials are not a typical makeup application. I want to get to know you , and see how I can enhance every feature and create the most beautiful look for the day of!

Personal Hobbies

My personal hobbies are the triple B’s- books, beans, and beauty! I LOVE reading - and on my time off I can’t wait to devour a book. What can I say, I like big books and I cannot lie! The second is beans- I am a coffee enthusiast through and through. From cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, cold brews, drip coffees, espresso, and everything in between I play no favorites! Except decaf - haha! And the lastly the third- beauty! Beauty is my passion , so besides makeup I love to learn about skin care, I adore getting my hair done, and I love to shop to be able to continue to create beauty content. BBB’s are my thing!

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